Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Seeing Spots - AKA the Dalmatian Bra!

I really love the Pin Up Girls 'Linda Bra' with a partial band, and posted some photos here and here of the first ones that I made.  I enjoyed layering the fabric and applying a spotty lace over the simplex, so I ordered some more in black (scroll down the page to the 'dotty black mesh).  And this is what I made:

The base fabric is white simplex from Bra Makers Supply,  I used a pack of black findings for the elastics, closures, rings etc., and black powernet for the back.

In order to make things harder on myself, I cut the base fabric and the netting/lace out separately, then used spray (fabric) adhesive to hold them together - guess how much of a mess I got into.  Go on, guess!!!  In retrospect, it would have been easier to have cut a piece of each of the fabrics to the approximate size that I would need, adhere them together and then cut out.  The fabrics would probably still need some pinning/stitching to make them work as one piece - but that would have been easier.  Sigh!

And that's is really.  I cut the higher back from the power net as you can see here, it really does help to prevent the straps falling off my sloping shoulders.

I have some red and some turquoise simplex and findings kits, so I think that I may play around with the lace and see what I can come up with.. . . .


  1. it looks great, did you take he online course ?

    1. Thank-you Rosemary. I actually attended a class in Hamilton last year, but I did buy both of the Craftsy classes. The first one is a great reminder of what I had learned in person. I used the second class to make the alterations from a full band to the partial band bra that I made above. Beverly walks you through the steps and I am really pleased with the result!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank-you Judy - I need to knuckle down and make some more wearable 'day-to-day' bras . . . . really!!!! I just love playing with the fun colours and textures though!


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