Monday, April 27, 2015

More Tina Givens - The Phoebe Top and Trousers and a Touch of Jaqueline

I've made the Phoebe trousers a few times already, but hadn't made the top that goes with these trousers.  Here is the pattern from the Tina Givens website:

Actually, I'm kind of lying a bit.  I have made the top out of white rayon (under layer) and blue patterned cotton (upper layer), but I cut the blue too short and the proportions were not very flattering, and the combination of fabrics looked like an apron that my grandmothers would have worn, so I did not complete it.  Nonetheless, I wanted to give it a go - and I made it as part of the garments I was sewing for the 2015 Artisans Square SWAP:

As you can see, I only made the one layer and chose the longer inner layer.  I changed the sleeves up a little and made cap sleeves, and made the same changes that I would ordinarily make - sloping shoulders, dartless FBA. I also put a seam in the back to save a little on fabric and to break up the expanses of fabric.  I used my serger to make a rolled hem, and shaped the neckline a little to make it more 'v' neck.  I made a small facing that I attached iron-on interfacing to support the neckline, and sewed it down with some top-stitching to keep it from rolling to the right side.

It is a cute top that looks great in these photos - once the volume has been tamed.  There is a lot of fabric in this top, and when I make it next, I will take out some of the volume.  What I do like - and this is rather strange, is the side seams that are curved to give tulip shape.

One of my cottons cardis (Simplicity 2154), co-ordinates very nicely with this top - and the Phoebe trousers - I'm just not sure if I would be better off with a cardi with a shaped hem, rather than a straight, horizontal one.  I need to think about that!

The fabric is a white linen - the same line that I used for the trousers (above and below), and another 'Jaqueline' top (below) that I made with a cute lace patch on the front:

Here is a close up:

This is my 'Ruth' of Core Couture pose.  She often stands side on/quarter turn and always looks fab!

Nothing new about this slip or the co-ordinating trousers - But I love them!

And what about the 'props'?  The chair with a bag and a cowboy hat?  I was taking (dozens) of photos that show all the items that I had made for the SWAP that I have titled 'Out of Alberta' so I had to throw in a cowboy hat!  I'm nothing if not subtle!


  1. I'm lovin' your new wardrobe! It looks so comfortable and fun.

  2. Thank-you Graca - I have worn some of the items, and they feel very feminine to wear! I think that it is all the swooshiness and scarves! Just waiting for the weather to really warm up - then I am good to go!

  3. I love your style and the changes you have made to the patterns. I am planning to sew the Camillia shirt and pair it with a Plinka bloomer but wonder if I will look like a walking bundle of laundry since I am a size 44 . Any suggestions on how long I should cut the bloomers or should I go for the Phoebe pant instead?


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