Sunday, April 19, 2015

iPad Stand and a Couple of Bras

I love to read other crafty blogs - sewing,  knitting, crochet, quilting etc., and pick up on their ideas.  This morning I read Sotak's blog, and she had a post about making tablet holders.  She herself had seen them on Pinterest, here.  Well, who doesn't need a handy holder for their tablet?  So this is what I made whilst watching an episode of NCIS this morning:

They are made out of a rectangle of fabric, sewn and twisted and stuffed with rice and regular stuffing.

How fab is that?!  They really are very useful so I made one for Mr. SDSC and one for my father.  Oh, and then I decided I need another in my sewing room because it is such a drag to have to carry one from one room to another (I don't have a photo of that one, but it is just as cute!) . . . . they are very quick to make - less that a half hour.  Due to the rice, they are quite stable - I have mine balanced on the arm of my chair right now.  The only change that I made to the instructions, was the same as Sotaks, and I ironed some fusible interfacing to the fabric.  It has a bit of loft to it - 1/16" max, and I iron it onto the little bags that I make.  It made the project feel smooth and soft.

I think that they would work well with other types of tablets/book readers, and maybe even small books.

I also made a couple more partial band bras, but the photos are a little a washed out:

It was pretty straightforward, overlaying some textured, dotty lace on the upper cup and the bridge.  It went together quickly and easily and has already been 'tested'!

I then saw this whilst walking past La Senza yesterday:

What I liked was the plain cup with the lace on the bridge and the sides/back.  So I made one!

I'm really pleased with this.  I used fabric spray to attach the lace to the base fabric - I did this on the pink bra above as well, and it was more successful with that bra - on this one it pealed away, but held enough for me to sew it all together.  The only problem is - I was a little aggressive with the bottom band elastic and it bordering on 'uncomfortably snug'.  I will wear this on my 'skinny' days!  I am going to play with some foam cups next - ones that I make myself and then cover with fabric.  I've been watching some great videos on Make Bra - lots of great ideas!

I also have some more linen, and have some TG garments in mind - I may be swapping out a garment or two from my current TG collections for the Artisan's Square SWAP - I've got over a week left, so loads of time!

How was your sewing this week?


  1. The bra's you made are pretty! YES to the tablet holders. I need to make one for my NOOK. Thanks!


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