Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vogue 8048 - Men's Waistcoats

It is not very often that Mr. SDSC asks me to make anything for him.  I've knitted him some socks, a few shirts and a dressing gown, but that's about it.  So when he asked for a waistcoat - I was happy to oblige.  The search for a pattern was very brief - there really isn't much around for men, and even less for waistcoats - and the winner was Vogue 8048, that I happen to have in stock!

I chose view A, (diagonal print, top right of photo above), as I liked the higher cut neckline.  I didn't want it to end up looking like a 1970's polyester suit reject!

So are some pics - the first one was made from a great suiting weight cotton that has narrow grey stripes:


Photos are a pic of a problem at this time of the year - there is usually about 12" of snow on the ground, but we are having an unusually mild start to the winter, so I dragged Mr. SDSC outside ans asked him to pose!  Look at the gorgeous blue sky!

The fit was acceptable - I probably could fiddle around and adjust the shoulders, and maybe take some width out of the back, but Mr. SDSC says that it is comfortable, so that is that!

The pockets are a double welt, and I made rather a pig's ear of them.  There are two issues - I didn't clip far enough into the corners before turning the facing, and I was not accurate enough with the actual welts themselves.  Fortunately, the fabric is dark enough that you can't see . . . . but I made changes in the next versions!

This time the pockets have a single welt and look muuuuuuuuch better!

This hounds-tooth fabric is gorgeous, and I used it to make this skirt, and these trousers.  I had just enough left over for the waistcoat above, that is being worn with a shirt I made last year.

I finished off with some black denim.  Lovely!  He loves his 'bespoke' waistcoats, and when my Dad came round for his Sunday dinner today, he tried one on and it fits pretty good, so I will make one for him too!

I did take a few details pics and have some more info to share with you about these waistcoats, and I'll drop them in another post later in the week.  Before I go though, a quick 'out take' - the boys wanted to get in on the act!

More details on PatternReview.


  1. Great job... Love the houndstooth fabric..

  2. Those are very nice. Well done. My husband loves it when I sew for him. He just asked for some long sleeve dress shirts. I guess I had better get busy.

  3. Oh So such a sweet wife to make all those for hubby. And very dashing they are too!

  4. Really nice job and such a wonderful present - such a lucky guy !!


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