Thursday, November 27, 2014

Socks and Colours

I shared with you some box bags that I recently made, and I usually use them to house my sock knitting projects.  They are the perfect size for 100gms yarn and a circular needles.  These are the last three pairs that came off the needles:

The yarn is called Katia Darling and there are more details on my Ravelry project page.

This next pair uses Crazy Zauberball.

There is a very long colour repeat on this yarn - and as you have probably noticed, I don't care much for perfectly matching socks!  More details here.

I then finished off these lovely stripey socks that remind me of the seaside - gorgeous beachy colours:

I used Knit Picks Felici yarn for these socks,  The yarn is fabulously soft and a dream to knit with.  The yarn was discontinued, but they have 6 colourways in stock, so runveryquick and get some . . . like I did!  I also have a few other colour combos that will surface in the future!

I had some other fun with colours this weekend, and got the results back from having my 'colours' done.  This was all the range in the '80's, but I never had them done.  Fast forward a few years, and Mr. SDSC kindly booked me a session for my birthday.  Here are my colours, based upon my eye, skin and hair colouring:

I know that it looks like pretty much every colour you could think of, but if you looks carefully, there is no black or white, only one purple and one yellow, no fushia or pink (the pink above is actually more peachy).  And lots of green.  I rarely wear green, so will now start introducing it into my wardrobe and see what the results are!  Incidentally, I am a 'True Lazurli Spring'.  Interestingly enough, my 'best basic red', is a perfect match for the cardi below - and I always get lots of comments when I wear this!

Co-incidentally, I picked up some lovely fabric this week - an absolute bargain at $5/m from Fabricland and it has 4 of my colours in it.  I plan on making a cardi and vest top with it - so by all accounts, It should suit me very well!

What do you think of this process?  Utter bunkem, or a useful tool when is comes to looking your best?


  1. I commend you for knitting your own socks lol! I'm still wanting to catch up to you on the cardigans lol!


  2. Well done! That's a beautiful piece of fabric and is sure to look stunning on you! Funny--I'm in process of reassessing my "look" and had just pinned the cool summer pallet on Pinterest!

  3. Such pretty socks...Love all the pretty colors..
    Your new fabric is beautiful..cant wait to see what you make.

  4. Love those stripey socks and the names of the yarns! I am a believer in colour analysis having had mine done a while back. It hasn't entirely changed the way I dress, as there is no black in my palette either and I just can't live without black for work (have recently returned part time). The main things I learnt were what to avoid (notably, pink, pale blue and greys) and that my skin tone has a lot of yellow in it. It's saved so much time shopping. I can simply discount 90% of what I see knowing it will drain the colour from my face,

  5. The socks are really fun - they make my smile when I see them.


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