Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - My Year in Review

Last year I wrote up a post, summarizing my sewing for 2013.  Although it takes quite a while to write/sift through photos etc., I find it very interesting to see what I did/didn't achieve in the year.  So I am going to do the same again :)


The start of January was very cold, and I made myself five garments during that first week.  I love TNT patterns!  So here we are, two pairs of lined pants and two cardigans as well as a fleece jacket.  All these items were worn frequently - sadly the cardis were made from some ponte fabric that pilled, but I made more as you will see later in the year!  Total: 5 garments.


This was a really busy month - looking at my posts, it is hard to believe how much I made, but when I get going, it can be like a production line in my sewing room!  I turned out four pairs of PJ's, two pairs of pants (one grey wool, one houndstooth), two dresses for my SIL and five, yes FIVE more cardi's - using cotton jersey rather than ponte.  I wear the PJ bottoms frequently, but the tops were just too big for comfort and surprisingly warm.  The cardis and pants were all worn a lot until I lost weight . . . . .   Total: 17 individual garments!


This was another good month, I managed to finish three pairs of socks, as well as three cardis, three sorbettos and black jacket that went straight to wadderville.  Total: 7 garments, 3prs socks


Ah yes, April.  A sad month as we said goodbye to our lovely collie, Jess.  This meant that I really wasn't that interested in sewing garments, so I made 'mug rugs' instead!  17 of them.  At least.  Total: 17 crafty items.


This was a another month of socks and quilty stuff.  I have found that if, for some reason, I can't decide what garments I would like to sew, then I'll make something quick and easy.  Like mug rugs, 17 wallets, wall hangings etc.,  So May was a month of 'quick and easy'!  Total: 2 pairs socks, 17 crafty things.


This was a pretty quiet month.  I had started to lose weight, so I wasn't making many clothes for myself.  Instead, I made a few items for the Galgos del Sol and Alibar Dog Knits - they raise money to help rescue and re-home spanish galgos - similar in looks to greyhounds, but smaller.  Oh, and I made some socks for my brother.  Total: 1 crafty thing, 1 pair socks.


Oh July, how I loved you so.  You see, July was the month that I went to Hamilton in Ontario for a week for Boob Camp at Bra Makers Supplies.  It was fabulous!  Like, OMG fabulous.  I made three bras that week, and I think that I now have about 20 - we will see what the count is like as I continue throughout the year! 

And I made a few bits for Alibar as well.  They were auctioned, or sold via their Facebook page.

Oh, and two pairs of socks - the other pair is here!


Total: 2 pairs socks, 5 crafty things, 9 garments (bras)


Yep, you got it, more socks and bras!


I think that there is a pattern here!  Total: 3 garments (bras),one pair of socks


Oooh, interesting - although I took a sewing class this month, I did not complete any items . . . .


 . . . but I certainly made up for it in October!  I completed two pairs of socks, three 'box bags' that I use as project bags for my sock knitting, and four pairs of trousers - ones with flies, pockets and waistbands!  Total: four garment items, three crafty items, and two pairs of knitted socks.


This month was a 'bras, bags and socks' month.  I love small projects!  Total: two garments, two pairs of socks, two crafty items.


Now, I know that I was busy this month (and happily so!) and made waistcoats for both my father and Mr. SDSC, socks, various crafty items - box bags, a jewelry pouch, hot plate holders etc.  Total: four garments (waistcoats), three pairs of socks, eight crafty items.

In summary; 51 garments, 16 pairs of socks, 53 crafty items for a total of 120 items.  And I know that I have missed one pair of socks and there are three pairs of trousers that need blogging about . . . . !  Phew, I'm exhausted now!

Although I have not blogged as much this year, my production has been pretty high and there is a lot of repetition of patterns - this works really well for me and my wardrobe.  There were a few wadders (PJ tops, March's black jacket) but on the whole, most other items have been in regular rotation.  I took a couple of classed (bra making and trousers pockets & flies) and have put this knowledge to good use.

Well, this is one monstrous post, and is enough for today - how was your year?  As productive or enjoyable as you would have liked?


  1. You made a lot this year, and seemed to have switched from skirts to trousers (just an observation!). I was no where near as productive as I had some major life changes. The biggest time suck has been completely retraining and starting work in a new field. I have no regrets, but retraining is soooo time consuming and there is more in the new year. Hopefully when the lighter evenings return I will feel more motivated to sew then. I have enjoyed reading your blog last year - happy sewing in this one!

    1. It is interesting to see the change - some of it is due to being able to perfect patterns and (shock horror) being able to make clothes that fit.

      Good luck with your new work - I look forward to seeing your creations for this year!

  2. You have been a busy lady. I was nowhere near as productive, but I did do some sewing. I need to spend less time reading blogs and more time sewing :) Happy New Year.

    1. Oh, I hear you! I really get sucked into blogs and then whooosh - where did the time go?!

  3. wow I think I could sum up my 2014 sewing up in 2 min. lol! I remember you getting us all hooked on the cardigans lol! Im thinking of stepping out of my comfort zone this year like bra making eek! lol! can't wait to see what you come up with for the New Year! happy sewing!

    1. Thanks! I'm lucky that I have time to sew and it is great to hear that I am an inspiration to you!

  4. I'm exhausted reading this, no wonder you were exhausted putting it all together. What a great year - some great makes - love the striped socks, the bras, well, all of it really. Happy New Year.

    1. I probably should have started off with a warning!

  5. Such a variation of sewing, knitting and crafting! So interesting and an inspiration.

    1. Well thank-you! I received the Alabama Chanin book and Craftsy course for Christmas . . . . . thanks to your posts!


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