Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Vogue 8048 - the Old Folk Edition

My Dad is fondly known as 'the Old Folk', and when he saw Mr. SDSC's waistcoats, he wanted one for himself.  As you may well know - once I have a pattern that works, I like to churn out a number of versions.  This does not relate just to me, but also to Mr. SDSC - and now the Old Folk.

Fortunately, the waistcoat pattern fitted him well, so I did not have to make any changes.  I used a lovely, soft, brushed wool suiting in a dark charcoal colour - left over from some trousers I made myself quite some time ago.

He has quite the sense of humour, so I thought that I would use a bright colour for the lining.  And being a lifelong Liverpool FC fan, the lining had to be red.  I dug around in my linings and found a length from my Mum's collection.  She would have bought this to line a skirt - she used to make lots of perfectly fitted pencil skirts, usually in a tartan fabric (well, she was Scottish!), so I knew that the Old Folk would get a kick out of wearing some of her fabric.

So without further ado - I give you the Old Folk - posing for all he is worth on the deck, with the snow falling, as it was the only place with semi-decent light:

Suits you Sir, suits you!

I lined the pockets with Batman fabric again, and that is about it.  One happy Old Folk and you can't argue with that!

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  1. Your dad could go into modeling clothes...he wears them very well and obviously he has an awesome personality. :)


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