Monday, February 3, 2014

McCalls 6840 - Jungle PJ's

As part of my plan to revamp my wardrobe, I thought it was about time that I took a look at my PJ situation.  I have made a few PJ bottoms, but have been wearing the same couple of raggedy t-shirts for an embarrassingly long time.  So, I picked up some lovely cotton flannel in the sales, in a wild animal print - jaguar/cheetah?  I'm not sure, but Mr. SDSC thinks it is very '70's!

I used my TNT pants pattern - I like my PJ pants to be pretty loose, so rather than the 1" seams I would use for dress pants, I just used 5/8" seams.  The top is from McCalls 6840 and I chose view 'C'.  I have been coveting the pattern for quite some time now, so I was excited to give it a try.

Here I am in all my jungle goodness!!!

I feel that a teddy is obligitory in these kind of shoots!

There is a LOT of fabric in this top!

But howdy doody - look at that collar and the concealed buttonholes.  I have not sewn concealed buttonholes before.  The construction was interesting - a strip of fabric is cut, the buttonholes are sewn, then the strip is sewn to the front of the top.  I love it!

The only thing is - my lovely acid pink buttons are hidden!

So, a little about the pattern,  I was still on a 'dolman sleeve' kick following on from my top here, and I thought that this would make a great PJ top.  It is certainly nice and comfy - but there is a lot of fabric going on under the arms.  I did try pinning it out, but was not too happy with the look.  I did take off the cuffs though as they were HUGE - the proportions on the pattern are quite different.  I was a little disappointed with this pattern - I was hoping that it was going to be a great 'go to' pattern for PJ's and also for patterns with large prints.  There is a panel on the back where you can cut contrasting fabric, or place it on the cross grain for a neat effect, but I don't think I will make it up again.  Strangely, it fits nicely over my hips.  I really like the concealed buttonholes and the collar fits a treat, so there are some good things to this pattern.  I will probably use view 'B' to make PJ tops using the stripy fabric below - that has more of a traditional shirt design, and I may just construct an ordinary buttonhole band so I can use some funky buttons!

And for Mr. SDSC - here is a photo with a '70's' tint:

I have reviewed this pattern on Pattern Review here.

I'm thinking that these fabrics will elevate my PJ wardrobe!  How about you - do you make your own PJ's?

My PatternReview is here.


  1. Those really are fabulous pjs! I love the animal print. Also, thank you for the review. I think it's a great idea, to try out a shirt pattern for pjs. I do make my own, and for the family too, but haven't tackled a proper top yet, although there is one on my sewing list (along with every other garment ever invented lol).

  2. well how cute are you! lol! could you sew the strip in then sew the buttons on top? I haven't tackeled pj's yet but they're on my mind lol! love your pj's!

  3. A wild print and red buttons!! WooHoo!!!!
    Such fun pj's. I too make my pajamas. I especially like making things for the summer.

  4. I love that print with the red buttons. Those pjs look comfy and very stylish!

  5. I love the pink buttons! These are so fun, and I love that you have the Teddy in a picture!

  6. I am making myself some flannel pajamas at the moment. I love yours! Great fabric choice and construction!!

  7. Such cute jammies....and the pink buttons brought a surprised smile to my face! I make my PJs too, and just made a pair of "jungle jammies" last week:

  8. Love your cute pj's ..they look so comfortable too.. I love the pink hidden cute..
    I do make pj's and gowns..Easy sewing and fun..

  9. I love your jammies!! Yes, I do make my own.As a matter of fact, my first garment of 2014 was a pair of pjs that I just love.(not blogged yet)

  10. I also love your jammies. I make my own and make them for birthday and Christmas gifts. Often times I just make the bottoms and buy a matching T-shirt.

  11. Such cute PJs! And I love your bright buttons, what a nice little surprise under the hidden button band.

  12. Just cosy, cosy cosy... matching nail polish?

  13. Don't know whether you'll see this more than two years later, but here goes.
    What a clever idea to use this pattern for jim-jams. It's actually ideal for that, and I think I'll do the same.
    Thank you.


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