Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disappointment Averted!

I recently wrote about the disappointment I faced after making a few cardis from some Ponte de Roma fabric, purchased from my local Fabricland.  The fabric was lovely and soft, had a great drape, a nice amount of stretch and came in some FABULOUS colors.  So I bought loads of it - red, fushia, blue, chartreuse, cream, black (not all at the same time you understand!) and made up some great tops using McCalls 6168.


Sadly, the fabric pilled quickly - after just one wearing, the cream jacket has pilled so much around the cuffs that I can't wear it anymore.

Sew, this week I spent time making up the tops again in fabric with a very high cotton content, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

As you can see, I have manged to duplicate all the previous tops, with the exception of the chartreuse one - when I see a cotton knit in the same colour . . . I will make one of those too!  Oh, and the black one.  I picked up a cotton/lycra knit today, but I am waiting until I get a cover-stitch machine (hopefully in the next few weeks) before using this fabric as it is quite thin.  I do have another fabric that would work well, a black embossed velvet, so that should be making an appearance soon!

Here are some more pics . . . . !

Le Purple Velvet Smoking Jacket - Prince eat your heart out!  I changed out the front of this jacket, and rather than have a button band and a round neck, I took out about 1.5" off each of the fronts and then sewed on a band that has a centre back seam.  More about this fabric in a post later this week.

Tomatoes/tomatoes - ribbed 100% cotton, regular neckline

True Blue Baby - I Love You! Cotton with a smidge of lycra - altered neckline with attached band.

A Study in White - This is the same fabric as True Blue above, and also has the altered neckline with a band.  I am thinking of leaving buttons off this one but sewing some beads around the band.

I rather like the smaller white glass beads at the top, the large ones are gold lined glass beads and I think that they are a bit ostentatious and big.  I am looking for subtlety!

Finally Fushia - again, the same fabric as True Blue and Study in White.  I may need to re-hem the bottom as I sewed a narrow hem that is wanting to turn out and is not happy about lying flat!

Sorry about the flushed face in these pics - I had just had a shower and I think I was still rather warm!

Incidentally, the reason why I had the time to get all this sewing done, as well as my PJ's, is that Mr. SDSC and I took a week of work.  Just like that.  For no real reason except that we wanted too.  And it was great!  We had a couple of things that needed doing - dogs to the vets to get their teeth cleaned etc., but on the whole we chilled and did what we wanted - went out to dinner, saw an exhibition and I sewed, sewed and sewed!

Back to work on Monday, and a return to weekend sewing,  I find it hard to get motivated to sew after a long day at work, but I do have some ideas brewing - I rather fancy making Tilly's new Coco Dress, and I also wanted to make some garments out of some lovely wool that I picked up this last week.  What about you - what do you have brewing?


  1. Doesn't pilling get you!!!! They shouldn't be allowed to sell fabric that pills. It has killed some of my favourites too.

  2. Absolutely :( I saw some more of the fabric in the store when I was looking for a cotton knit, and it really does call your name and suck you in. It was sooo soft and flowing that I almost came out with more!!

  3. Lovely cardis,all,but I especially like the cream one.And I pledge to walk right past the ponte at Fabricville from now on. The same thing has happened to me more than once.

    1. Thank-you! I understand that the issue was the high polyester content - for some reason I thought that it was quite high in rayon but it wasn't :(

    2. They all are pretty. I really like the idea of using beads around the band instead of buttons!!!

  4. oh my goodess! hereI am working on my1st one for Feb & you've started over lol! I'm having the same perseverance with linning a dress that I've been working on for weeks lol!

  5. How lovely that you took a spontaneous week off. I love that kind of thing! As you know I am a sloooow sewer but I'm currently working on a little cape. It's going quite quickly for me lol. Enjoy your new cardis!

  6. I love those spur of the moment weeks off.. What fun, and what an amazing lot of sewing you have accomplished.. And got your cardis replaced [so sorry, your other fabric turned out like that..sad.. I have done the same thing]. They are all beautiful.. I really love the idea of putting the beads on that one.That is going to be really pretty.
    I love all the pretty colors you chose..
    I like the new coco dress pattern too. Haven't decided if I am going to buy it or not??
    "Trying to use patterns I have." ha.

  7. What a great productive week off. I like the top white beads as well - have you added them too. I think Coco would suit you - hope to see a make soon. g

  8. My local Fabricland has ponte in right now, and based on your experience I am hesitant to buy some, the stuff at my store is 23% rayon and 77% polyester, is this the same blend as the one that pilled for you? Thank you for your help.

    1. It sounds like it, $18/m and it is the lighter version of the two. It is such a shame as it is so lovely, soft and drapey and the colours are fabulous :(

      I wonder if they would let you have a 'sample' and you could run it through the washer a couple of times and carry it around with you to see how it hold up?

    2. I don't think they would let me have a sample. I don't think I will chance it, it is a shame, the feel of it is lovely. Thank you for helping me out.


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