Wednesday, February 12, 2014

McCalls 6533 - Non Selfish Sewing Part II

The second dress that I made for Ms. Sharon was McCalls 6553 - part of their Fashion Star range. This is quite a fun pattern - another very easy one to sew, and would a fabulous summer dress.

I used a cotton fabric that I bought last year for making a shirt.  It has woven stripes on it and is rather lovely! 

I lined the dress with Bemberg and a touch of lace on the bottom hem.  As you can see, I faux flat felled the seams - including the princess seams on the front.

The back of the dress has a large pleat and there is a simple button a loop closure - I put the button on after these photos, so if you look closely you may see a pin holding the back closed!!

The dress has pockets in the side seams and a belt made out of self fabric that cinches just the front of the dress giving it a 1920's kind of vibe.

The only problem with this is the front neckline.  For some reason, it drags when it is on Netty - so until Ms. Sharon tries it on, I won't know for sure if that is a problem.

Again, I am happy with the construction of both of these dresses, but I am slightly nervous about whether they would fit or not.  Whilst I am not an expert on fit - I am certainly getting better, and I am just hoping that these look good!


  1. So beautifully sewn! The design and fabric are so light and simple that your careful work really shines!

  2. Love them.. Hope they fit.. Know she will love them.. Happy sewing.

  3. Very nice. I know what you mean about fitting others. No matter how many things I make for my daughter I'm always convinced it won't fit and it always does. By the way, I love snow too but 50cms. this time is about a foot too much!!! Lol.

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    1. Diana - for some reason your comment posted twice . . . .so I deleted the second one :)

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. Miss Sharon is thrilled with her dresses and will be wearing one of them this evening for her Eastern Star meeting - I have instructed my brother to get some photos!!


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