Sunday, February 9, 2014

Burda 7204 - Non Selfish Sewing Part I

My very lovely SIL, Miss Sharon, out in a  special request.  She was in need of a white dress to wear when she attends her Eastern Star meetings.  Not being one to turn down a fabric shopping expedition, I readily agreed and off we went.  Do you know how hard it is to purchase white fabric at this time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere - it is probably all over the shops in the Southern . . . )?  In the end we picked up some white on white cotton fabric with dandelion clocks on - very cute.  She also settled on Burda 7204 - she wanted something pretty modern as she is about half the age of most of her companions at the meetings, but also something loose and flowy.  Due to medical reasons, she did not want to be constricted around her waist, so this fit the bill perfectly.

I made a shorter version of view 'A' with the sleeves of view 'C'.

Ah yes,  What I failed to mention is that Miss Sharon lives over an hours drive from me, so I got some basic measurements from her, and had to use my old (ie: too small for me now and even when it was the right size the lumps and bumps were in the wrong place) dummy called Hetty.  Now Hetty is not as animated as myself - nor Ms. Sharon for that matter, but when I get some live photos - I will post them!

This is a great 'quick and easy' pattern that I complicated by adding a full lining (lovely, soft Bemberg in 100% rayon) . . .there are only three pieces - front, back, sleeves and it came together quickly.  The darts that you can see above are supposed to be sewn on the outside, but I thought that that would add a bit too much bulk in an area that does not require it.  For my sewing buddies with more slimline boobages, this may well be a great pattern for you to enhance the area!!  I also chose to bind the neckline - I like the finish.

The sleeves are very cute - they are kind of oval shaped (ish!) and rather than use two layers of fashion fabric, I used the lining for one layer to make them a little more 'fluttery'.  Although I didn't follow all the steps for construction, I did follow the zigzagged sleeve hems, and it rather adds to the cuteness!!

The back has a vertical dart to add shape and is an interesting design feature.  I serged most of the seams and then stitched the seam allowance down flat - like a faux fell seam.  I think that this gives the finish a more classy look.

I made a long sash/self fabric belt in case Sharon wanted a bit of definition . . . .

And added some narrow lace to the hem - just because!

And, of course, I added a label.  I have had some new ones made up and I am really happy with my UK supplier.  As Sharon is Scottish, she will be tickled by the thistle on the label!

I am hoping that this dress fits, and is suitable for the occasion.  A slip/petticoat will  probably have to be worn underneath as this dress is not totally opaque.  It was a quick sew - made more complicated by the lining, and fun to make.  It is not a design that I would have sewn up for my self as I do not think it would do my body shape any favours.  It was interesting to make something for someone else - other than shirts for Mr. SDSC, I am quite the selfish sewist and it was weird not being in a position to try it on during construction.  It was a also not the only white dress that I made this weekend - they don't call be 'multiple makes Mary' for no good reason - and I will post about that dress later in the week!

How about you - do you make for anyone else?  If so, do you enjoy it?!


  1. Very cute dtess and looks so well-made with the seams you chose. Those little things mean so much in the quality of a garment, I think.. The lining brings it up another notch too . Although I make myself sew for others (my DD and sisters ) ,I too much prefer to just sew for myself...less pressure in the fitting department!!

    1. Thank-you! I am happy with the construction - just nervous about the fit!!

  2. This looks great. I actually made the exact same pattern a few weeks ago after having the pattern for ages. I've lived in the dress ever since, it's so cool and comfortable. Now I have to get around to blogging it!

  3. This is so pretty! What a sweet sister-in-law you are. I occasionally sew for others...and grumble every minute of it, LOL.


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