Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BIrch Tree Collection

I've picked up some really nice fabrics over the last couple of weeks - some online, some local; made up of winter white, greys, browns and blacks - some great basic neutrals. There was no plan for these - just good fabrics at a great price. Then, whilst returning home from a work related trip I saw lots of clusters of birch trees by the side of the road, and the colors immediately reminded me of my fabric . . . . so a collection idea was born!

Here are a few photos of my gorgeous inspiration:

And here is my fabric:

OK, so I need some more brown in this as well - but we are talking 'inspiration' here!  The fabrics are:

Row 1: rayon textured black/white suiting, poly blouse weight black/white animal print
Row 2: wool charcoal with a cream woven stripe and a black wool with a cream woven stripe, black Ponte knit, white Ponte knit
Row 3: White cotton thin wale corduroy with a little stretch, white/brown/black poly satin blouse weight.

I plan on making a Sinbad & Sailor O'Keefe skirt with a draped front, a couple of shell tops (and I may even trial a pattern other than Sorbetto.  I know, call me crazy!!), a cardigan or two, a dress . . . . and who knows what else!  I plan this to be an ongoing collection - adding more garments as and when, as I would really like to make up this cape with some lovely fleece that I also recently bought :)


  1. Me too, perfectly inspired by the season.

  2. Beautiful mix of colors. Great inspiration :)

  3. Lovely photo, beautiful fabric....looking forward to your collection!

  4. So sorry, but I've been rather lax in my reading and commenting of late and just getting caught up now. You've made some lovely garments and your recent inspiration is inspiring to us all - thanks. Ruth


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