Saturday, November 9, 2013

We Interrupt this Programme . . . . .

OK, so I cut out a lovely skirt as part of my Birch Tree Collection when, 'oooh, shiny' I read some blogs about people getting ready for Christmas.  And that was it.  But the results were good, honest (although they will never be Christmas presents, they are mine, all mine!!)

First up was a cute little pouch to hold earbuds that I saw on Suzy Bee's blog and came from a tutorial here.  Here is my version:

I used a few charms squares from a pack I bought a couple of years ago, I think it is Moda fabric and you can see their new fabric lines here.  I really ought to do what the kool kids do and take pics of the fabric before chopping it up - I remember with my dressmaking, but not so much with quilty things!  And yes, those coins are Australian, left over from my trip in September.  The coins are HUGE!

I will get a lot of use out of this - it can hold my change for my morning coffee as well as my earbuds - I like to listen to talking books so this will be perfect!

Next up were a couple of 'tater sacks'.  This fabric was a total impulse buy when I went to purchase some other items in Fabricland - I saw the leaflet and thought it would be fun to make a bag as Mr. SDSC and I do like our baked potatoes.  So, four fat 1/4's and some batting later, I had these:

The bag with the doggies on will stay in our house (naturally) and the other bag with 'beware kangaroos' I will give to my brother and his lovely wife - they also came to Australia so will enjoy the connection.

Having got these two projects out of my head - I would not have been able to concentrate otherwise - I retreated to my sewing room (I really need to think of a good name for it!) and whilst looking for something else, I came across the pieces for a brown jumbo-corduroy skirt that I had cut out (including the lining) but not done anything with it.  I suspect that I cut is out at the end of last winter, and once the weather picked up and there was lots of Spring and Summer inspiration all around, I had another 'ooooh shiny' moment and changed tack again!  Anyway, it was great to find, and after hacking off 3" from the hem (because I am getting a little daring with my hemlines these days!) I got cracking on the skirt - all I need to do now is hem it, and it will fit perfectly into the Birch Tree Collection.  See, it all came together in the end!


  1. What fun you had.. Love all your creative makings.. And have a skirt almost completed too..Happy sewing.

  2. Love the tater sacks and thank you for shaning the tutorial. Going to make some of these.

  3. Visiting from sew many ways, love the little coin purses.


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