Monday, October 8, 2012

Singer 128

This is my 'new' machine - I only got it last week at auction.  It is also the third of my vintage Singers.

It is near perfect condition - practically no dust or oil build up.  It has a serial number of JC186606 and appears to be a 128 - the 3/4 sized version of the 127 (my treadle!)

What is a little strange, and needs more research, is that the serial number appears to relate to 1948 machine.  However,  it has a badge on it celebrating 100 years of Singer Machines - 1851 - 1951.

The decals on this machine are called 'Celtic Swirl' -  rather fitting as this machine was manufactured in Clydebank, Scotland.

It appears that a previous owner has scratched their telephone number into the body of the machine.  There is the faintest indication of rust here, so I will need to look into that.  Hmm, I've just looked up '612' and that is the dialling code for Minneapolis, Minnesota, or Sydney Australia.  The plot thickens!!

There is a handsome silvered badge on the back, and a bolted on light and motor.

The side plate is quite stunning - a grapes and vines engraved pattern.

This is another reciprocating shuttle, and as can be seen, it is spotless!

Finally - here is the cover, complete with a key and a sticker on with the auction number and my winning bid number.  My 99k also has a similar carrying box - and I have learned (not through experience, thank goodness) that the handle should NOT be used as a carrying handle as it cannot hold the weight if the machine - the handle is purely to lift off the cover!

I used Singer and ISMACS to help date the machine and this site to determine the model.

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