Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prairie Skyscapes

We really do have some stunning skies here on the prairies - as the land is so flat we can see for miles, scores, maybe hundreds.

This picture was taken on September 14th - with the sun lower in the sky it casts long shadows.  The shadows from the houses pretty much cover the golf course with the surrounding farmland still lit by the evening sun.  My camera is a 'billy basic' point and shoot, no fancy smancy filters or lenses - and definitely no Photo-shopping.  The fabulous countryside and sky are beautiful 'straight out of the box'.

Later that same evening I heard that the moon was presenting itself as a perfect crescent and that Venus could be seen.The above photo shows the moon perfectly - the colors of the sky are just breath taking.

In this photo you can just see Venus near the top, right-hand corner.  It is Venus, not a speck or dirt, honest!

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