Friday, April 27, 2012

Yarn Candy

Whilst in Tofino I bought some gorgeous yarn from Knits by the Sea - well, it would have been rude not too!  As I love knitting with thinner gauge yarn, and as I have enough fingering weight to sink a battleship (yep, really), I bought two skeins of Sweatermaker 'Fiona' in a merino/silk mix.



The yarn is very soft and smooshy and will be transformed into shawls/wraps or scarves in the future.  Maybe not the near future . . . but you never know!  The yardage is good - 700m per skein, so each one will make a substantial garment.

The yarn is local to BC and I try and purchase yarn that I would not dye - usually due to the weight or color/pattern.

I am really loving the soft, pastels hues, and actually loaded up some skeins that I had dyed to my Etsy shop.  I love dyeing yarn, but as I mix many colors - I run out of names for them all.  Previously I used names inspired by witches and their spells such as Marygold and Verbena - and I will use those names again when I dye up the same mix, but I wanted to dye a batch of yellows for the SolidSocks group on Ravelry, and I rather ran our of naming inspiration (fortunately not dyeing inspiration), so I cheated!  I would like to introduce you to:

Yellow #2
 Yellow #3

 and Yellow #5!

Hey, it works!  Simple but effective . . . . and I used my new skills from the photography class to take clear, naturally lit pictures!

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