Saturday, April 28, 2012


Every now and then I go through a bit of a drought.  I think that the problem is that I love too many crafts.  And I can get a bit obsessive.  I love knitting socks - they are quick (ish), easy and transportable.  They one take about 100gms (or one skein), can be knit up on a circular needle and fit in a ziplock bag I am going to rectify that last comment in the near future and turn some of my fabric into chic knitting bags - watch this space!

I have recently moved into shawls and knit these two:

Grains of Salt


And with the yarn I bought in Tofino, I predict a lot more in the future!

But this is only one hobby - I also enjoy beading, cardmaking, cross-stitch, sewing - you get the picture.  So, I think that I may have to close down one of these hobbies.  At least for the time being.  This will give me more space in my craft room, removing clutter from both the room and my head.  I have been obsessively following the blogs of Male Pattern Boldness, the Diary of a Sewing Fanatic and Frocks and Frou Frou.  The first two are written by two of the most talented sewers I have 'read', and the last two by fashionistas.  And boy are they inspiring.  The two ladies would fit into plus sized styling and are pure inspirations - I would encourage all fashion conscious, vintage inspired, sewing/non-sewing personages to check out their blogs.

So, cardmaking - I am afraid that you will be boxed up and put into the garage for a while while I concentrate on some dressmaking.  I am very excited having recently cataloged my patterns and fabric using a very nifty application on my iPad (hey, I mentioned that I was obsessive).  So this weekend I plan to get my craft room in shape and start planning my new wardrobe!

Just to finish off, I picked our two greyhounds up from the kennels where they had been holidaying whilst we were in BC, and this cartoon sprang to mind . . . . .

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