Monday, April 30, 2012

Aasha Cowl

I have been taking part in a test knit on Ravelry for a very cute cowl.  Ravelry has a neat set up for designers that would like their patterns tested, and knitters who would like to knit a pattern for free, and before it is released to the public.  So here I am, testing!  I am using sportweight rather than DK or Laceweight, so I will probably need to knit a second item to comply with the test.  However, as I was in Tofino on a knitting retreat -d this is what I found in the local (very lovely) knitting shop!

I knit five repeats, wet & blocked and then grafted together.  I started trying to match my stitches for grafting and got in a bit of a mess, so I 're' grafted all the stitches the same (knit) and it looks perfect!

The time that I took to knit this are misleading - I have been on vacation with little knitting time.  I think it would only take a couple of evenings if this was your only project on the go (if you get what I am saying!!)


Pre Blocking - 15" x 3.5"
Post Blocking - 17.5" x 7.5"

I wasn't very aggressive with the blocking - I read the comments from one of the other testers who did not want a baggy cowl, so I was more concerned with the width rather than the length.  As it is, is snugs beautifully around my neck and will be great in the autumn/winter.  The alpaca in the yarn makes it VERY warm!

I had no problem with the pattern - I use charts and it is well set out and easy to read.

This would be a perfect 'last minute' gift, knitted up in a special yarn.

Thank-you for letting me test :o)

The Yarn:


Upside Down Blocking - Hey, it looks good both sides!

All Done!

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