Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting my Read Back

Last year hubby and I bought iPads.  My-oh-my, they are fabulous.  They are small, portable, easy to use . . . . I could go on and on, but until I am on the Apple payroll, that is probably enough for now!

I read the newspaper on my iPad, as well as blogs, the weather, sewing sites etc., etc., etc.,  One of the downsides though, has been that I have lost my 'read'.  I am so used to reading small 'read-bites' (a bit like 'sound-bites', but written!) that I have had problems concentrating on anything longer.  Now this is a real shame as I love reading.  I have a voracious reading appetite, and in the past have always had a book (or two) in my hand, bag, by the bed, next to the sofa, etc.  I particularly enjoy mysteries (I was a Police Office for many years int he UK, some habits are hard to break!) as well as travel journals, historical novels, gardening books - pretty much any written word.

The solution to this problem - was the trip to Tofino.  A room that does not have a TV and barely has WiFi soon got me back on track :o)

I am happy to report that I finished this book whilst I was away . . .


And am now happily ensconced in this!


Happy Days!

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