Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sewing Pattern Sale - Discount Code

OK, so I have a couple of sewing patterns hanging around, and it is about time to share the love!

Since I have fallen down the LagenLook rabbit hole, my tastes have changed (although there will always be some totally unsuitable patterns that will stay with me) and these patterns are are patiently waiting to be loved in a new home!

I have started listing them on Esty - I am up to 100 so far (how many?) so do drop in and take a look.  I am selling them for $4 (regular patterns, many OOP), - $10 ('fancy dan' Vogue OOP designer patterns) and postage at cost (although the UK comes in at $10).  Loads of bargains to be had - postage will be combined :)

And to make a sweet deal even sweeter, if you enter the discount code SDSC20 . . . . you will get another 20% off.  Woohoo!  This runs until the end of August.

I live in a smoke free home/don't smoke so no 'nasty niffs' and the patterns I'm listing are all 'factory folded' although there is some minor wear and tear on the envelopes.

Come one, come all - I'll be listing them for the next few weeks, I'm sure!

You can get to my shop via this link, or click on the 'Etsy Page' on the right of this post.

Anyhoo - can't stop, I've got some Vera Wang, Belville Sassoon, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein and DKNY to list!


  1. I have a big box of patterns I've been thinking of doing this with, too. Do you mind sharing details about how you did this, i.e., did you scan or photograph the patterns,and how are you managing to stay on top of orders?

    1. Hi Wendy, absolutely. I used my iPhone and a free (I think) app called 'scannable'. You put the pattern down on a dark surface (my dining table) and the app sizes up the image, and automatically crops it and takes the photo. All I have to do is flip the pattern over. You don't even have to line anything up - the app does it. You can always scan or photograph the patterns if you prefer. The orders have been coming in at no three a day, so not overwhelming st all. I did nip out and buy some envelopes beforehand and checked postage but that was about it! Good luck, I hope you do well - let me know how you get on!


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