Friday, July 29, 2016

Green Caterpillars and Bramble Stripes

When I was younger, cotton reels were wooden, and there were lots of crafts to use these.  I remember one was collecting quite a few, painting them green, threading some elastic through the middle and turning them into a snake or a caterpillar.

Another was to make a 'knitting nancy' - remember these.  What a slow way to make an iCord.

Fast forward a few years, I am now an adult, but where are all those lovely wooden cotton reels for me to make into something else?  Yep, replaced by cheap plastic ones.  Argh.  What is a girl to do?  And then I saw a project (I'm really sorry, I can't remember where I saw this first), and this is what my empty plastic cotton reels look like now:

Pretty cute right?  Little scraps of some of my favourite fabrics, wrapped round and glued down.  They reside in glass jar in my sewing room looking very cheery.  I made two or three and I was hooked, so I went through my hoard of threads, got rid of those last few yards that I would never use, and now I have quite a few.  I thought it would be fun to use fabric in the same (or similar) of the thread that was on the reel.  Just because!

So there you have it, not quite green caterpillars or 'knitting nancy's', but I rather like them!  And, a few less items in the landfill!

Oh, and I'll just let you see some more socks that I have just finished.  I love purples and greens, so this Patons Kroy in Bramble Stripes is pretty much perfection!  More details on my Ravelry page.


  1. Pretty! I wind elastic, tape or bias binding on mine.

  2. They look so lovely. I agree, lots of waste with modern reels. Wouldn't they look great in Xmas fabric strung up around the house? Now there's an idea even I might do...

    1. What a fun idea. Will have to make that for Xmas. Thanks

  3. What fun! I think I'll start saving my spools...

    And I love the Bramble Stripe yarn - I haven't seen it before and I want some!

  4. Thank you for your input about the tracing paper. I'll be visiting your Esty shop often!


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