Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Seriously, More Bags?

Said my husband when I showed him my latest makes.  In my head it makes perfect sense.  First of all I bought some lovely yarn from Caterpillargreen Yarns.  I had already made a pair of socks from their yarn previously and I could hear some more skeins calling my name!

This yarn is seriously gorgeous.  The yarn is dyed in stripes (and having dyed yarn myself I know how labour intensive it is to dye stripes).  It is not cheap, but it is lovely!

This yarn is has grey stripes with one bright pink stripe.

It looks very nice 'caked'.  I had started a Noel scarf, it is an asymmetrical triangle with garter stitch stripes interspersed with lace stripes.  The knitted stripes can tie in with the dyed stripes for more impact and when I get to the pink - that will be in lace.  I may also have one of the grey stripes in lace as well.  I think that will really reinforce the quirky shape.

But I have a problem.  I can't put grey and pink yarn in a blue or a red or a green knitting bag . . . . so I made a grey and pink one!!  It is based on the Noodehead Wide Mouth Pouch.

Phew, that feels much better!  The fabric is quilting cotton that I have had had for years.  I think the pink is from Wal Mart/Fabricland and the grey was leftovers from a wall hanging I made about 10 years ago.  The lining was a fat quarter I picked up on my trip to Australia in 2013.  I liked the aboriginal print, but was put straight by the shopkeeper who advised that the other fat quarters I had purchased were aboriginal prints, but this one was a 'white man's' version.  Oh well, I still like it and it contrasts really well with the pink and grey so it all worked out!

But that is not all.  Once you start making these pouches, all sorts of fabric combinations jump out at you and beg to be made.  Like this lovely fresh, green version:

And a very cute one made from glorious Tula Pink fabric.

And talking of Tula Pink, here is a lovely little coin purse from the same fabric:

So yes.  Seriously more bags!


  1. Doesn't he know you can never have enough bags?

  2. You're having fun! I love the bags, and of course you must match them with your yarn :-)

  3. Love your bags! Every time you show pictures of bags, I scurry down to the sewing room to dig up fabrics for bag making. Mine always seem to disappear to other homes. Funny how that happens.


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