Saturday, March 26, 2016

Caterpillar Green Phi Socks

Caterpillar Green Yarns produce some lovely yarn dyed in Beautiful British Columbia.  Not a million miles from me, and it looked gorgeous.  I signed up for an email to advise me of the shop updates (this yarn sells out FAST!) and bought some Phi last week.

How gorgeous is that?  It is actually dyed in such a manner that you can knit a self striping shawl (the pattern is called Phi for You and can be found here on Ravelry) and as much as I like shawls, I crave socks.  So I 'caked' the yarn and made some socks!  The yarn has cashmere in it and is very cushy, so I knew they would be fabulous socks . . . . .

There is nothing special about the sock pattern - just my standard top down pattern, knit two at a time (I don't think I could knit a plain, one colour sock, any other way!)  More details on my Ravelry page.

All in all, a quick easy project, some new toasty socks and I have briefly satiated my yearning for Caterpillargreen Yarn . . . . . only briefly though!  I'll be watching out for the next shop update!

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  1. Wow! great socks and I LOVE the colors in the yarn. Perfect!


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