Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I do like necklaces, and since I made the Tina Given's inspired ones last year, I have made quite a few pairs.  I have about 5 or 6 leather straps that I can then swap the beads in and out using lobster clips.

This is one of the wider straps - about 3/4" and the beads are faux turquoise and quite lightweight.  I need to restring the beads though as I put the lobster clips on the bead portion, whereas it would make sense (and cost less money!) to have them on the straps . . . . .

I wore this with my Sweet Violet tunic and it went rather well!

I recently attended an adult education class on Silversmithing and made some stacked silver rings . . . .

In three hours, I made five sterling silver rings.  It involved measuring and cutting the silver - we used different types, flat, domed, round, soldering it into a ring, then hammering it into shape and adding decoration.

They are not perfect - and considering they are all supposed to be the same size, I need to practice more, but it was really fun.  I would really like to make some wider ones with stones in . . . . oh dear, I feel another hobby coming on!!

There are some longer courses that cover other aspects of silversmithing in jewelry, so I may well be signing up for more courses!

Have you tried jewelry making?  Care to share?!


  1. Such fun. The necklace is beautiful! and the leather strap such a good idea. Those rings remind me of my jewelry class in high school - it was a blast to hammer away. And I never did get mine sized the same - hey, it's designed that way, right?


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