Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Power of Pinterest

I write and maintain this blog as a reminder to myself of what I have made, and any adjustments/changes made, and also as my contribution to the sewing and knitting community.  The fact that anyone reads my ramblings is a source of great pleasure, especially when comments are made - I love reading feedback and chatting with my readers.

When I am blogging regularly, I get a steady number of visitors a day, it varies depending upon how often I blog or what the topics are - some of the posts are more popular than other , so I was amazed to see these numbers leap ten fold for about a week in November.  When I looked at the 'source' of these visitors, they were all coming from Pinterest.  But what could be the picture that has caused this?

And it is from this post.  So, if you are in the game of wanting lots of visitors and spreading your name on the intertubes - get yourself pinned!

Fortunately things are back to normal now, and interestingly, despite all the visits, I don't think that I picked up 'followers'.  This is not a whinge or whine (I'm happy in my little corner of the 'tubes), just an observation . . . . . . although it was pretty cool 'going viral' for a few days!

How about you?  Have you have a photo or a post that went crazy?  Do share!!

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  1. so interesting (oh gosh, that was not a pun). I have Pinterest boards now, but I admit I don't add to them often. But I do like to look at other boards! weird topics, like vintage advertisements. Blog post responses are something else. Like the cardi I just made from the Lark tee. I was almost meh about it, and it's been really popular based on comments on the blog,my FB page, and PR. Maybe because the cardi itself is not as 'stuffy' as my usual maxi's and britches :-) Oh, and cute bag by the way!


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