Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tina Givens with a Side of Krista Larson

I managed to get some good sewing in over the last couple of weeks, and have some goodies to share!

I am a big fan of Tina Givens - although I do need to make a number of alterations for the patterns to suit me.  Having said that, once those alterations are done, sewing them up in very quick and easy!  I also follow a Facebook page for Kati Koos - a shop in San Francisco that stocks TG ready made clothes as well as a number of other designers including Krista Larson.  Lots of eye candy happening there . . . . including this ensemble:

Source Kati Koos

I really liked the plaid skirt, and had seen versions (check out the Nikki skirt) that looked like the TG Patrica skirt.  So I though that I would make one . . . . . The TG Patricia skirt is essentially a deep yoke, with the main skirt attached in gathers to the bottom and gathered at the hem.  I have made a few versions of the skirt, and have added a binding at the bottom about 54" wide.  I can walk quite comfortably in this but could do with a little more stretch.  So I thought I'd try a version with a narrow 1/2" elastic in the bottom hem.

The fabric is a very lightweight 100% cotton - a lawn/hankerchief weight but not sheer.  The plaid is printed rather than woven, but the colours were lovely - a deep burgundy red, cream and teal - a bit like a dirty turquoise.

Worn here with my cream linen Zelda.

And a new cardi . . . . . I know!  This is view C from my much used McCalls 6168.  The cardi is a raised neckline - the shoulder seams continue up the side of your neck.  No facings.  I cut 1.5" strips of fabric, folded in half and pressed, and sewed them all around the neck/front/edges.  This is the same process that I use for a lot of my slips and jackets.

The fronts are really long!  I think I cut them on the cross grain instead of the straight grain and they have stretched a little.  Not a problem - but I think that explains why the front tips are longer than the pattern indicates!  The fabric is a very lightweight rayon that holds a press.  My corners were not the best, but a good pressing and they look better than they have any right to do!

There is quite a lot of fabric in this cardi - close on 3m.  I like it but I'm not sure if I'd make another.  I think I prefer the waterfall cardi's where the front pieces are extended to wrap around the back.  This will get a lot of wear though!

The fabric matches the skirt beautifully though!  And this is with a Sorbetto that is lot shorter in length.

I also finished a pair of chocolate linen Plinkas.  This is a free pattern from TG.  I was totally inspired by this version, and so I went to work!

There are lots of pleats!

These photos are taken with my TG Cara in cream linen.

I did make a few changes.  I actually mostly used the pattern  that I had adapted from the Phoebe pattern.  Basically, rather than have a one piece trouser leg, I have standard front and back pieces that fit me comfortably, and no dropped crotch.  This allows me to have side seam pockets :)  The leg widths are the same as the pattern though, as are the various horizontal pleats and the attached pleats.

I have to say that these trousers are yet another design that I enjoyed making, when I put them on I was a little unsure of the design, but now I can see photos of them being worn . . . . I love them!  I am somewhat wary of looking like an extra on 'Little House on the Prairie'.  I'm not sure if I would wear these to work - but I'd certainly wear them out and about!

So, what have you been making?


  1. Fantastic - all of it! The skirt is charming and such a good base for adding your beautiful tops and cardi's. I love this look on you! I have 4 TG patterns now and am just waiting for the moment I can affort all the fabric needed to get started :-)

    1. Thank-you Coco! I hope that you are able to make up some of the patterns soon - I'd love to see them on you!

  2. Just found your blog. I love tina givens designs. Picked up several patterns. Have yet to make one. I didn't like her new pattern with the elastic in the hem but now that I see your skirt (lovely) I'm changing my mind. I love all that you have sewn. I'm following you!!

    1. Excellent! I look forward to seeing what you have made! I do like TG's aesthetic, and once I've made a few alterations, the patterns are great. I'd suggest you consider having a practice run on some fabric you don't really care for, rather than cutting into your favourite fabric first time round! Just in case!


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