Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sidetracked - Mug Rugs

With losing Jess recently I found myself a little distracted and did not want to cut into any of my sooper dooper dressmaking fabric in case I made errors.  But I still wanted to sew.  So I decided to sort out my quilting fabric and make some mug rugs.  Now what is a mug rug I hear you ask?  Well, it is a cute little rug for you to to put your mug on - and it has space for a cake or some cookies.  They make up quickly and are fun to make.  They measure about 4.5" x 9" up to 7" x 10" - it is personal preference really, so this is what I made:

The pattern for the whales mug rug can be purchased here.

I have a feeling that these will make great Christmas gifts - parcel them up with a mug or cup and some nice coffee/tea/hot chocolate - perfect!

I know that a lot of readers are turned off by patchwork/quilty posts on a dressmaking blog, and as I am enjoying this sidetracking and will be indulging this passion a bit more, I have started a blog to specifically for these 'tangents' - if you are interested, pop over and see me at the Patchwork Dog!

Well, I really enjoyed making this (and a number of others!) - but tomorrow I will be cutting out fabric for some clothes, and will be playing with my new machine!  Can't wait!


  1. I am one who loves to read about garment sewing, but this is exceptionally cute and well worth a share!

  2. That is fabulous! I think it's the bright colors that make it work so well. And the amazing craftsmanship. I'd love to see you join us at the Inspire Us Thursdays link party on

  3. What a darling mu rug! My grandson would love the whales. Thank you for linking this post to my Weekend Link Party.

  4. So cute. I wish I'd seen this couple years grand daughter loves orca whales...she'd a loved this, but sadly, she is almost high school (next fall) and the Orca frinzy is gone! But it is still really cute. Inspires me to do more mug rugs. I did some last year, but need to get back into that! Found you on Sew ManyWays linky!

  5. I love your happy whales. I have never made a mug rug, but recently signed up a swap, so I am looking at examples. Thank you for sharing. I am visiting from Sew Many Ways.

  6. I love this mug rug! I actually have a mug rug board on Pinterest, and I'm pinning this whale mug rug! I love the whales and the bright colors!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  7. WOW! I love this! The whales are so cute, brilliant!


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