Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Days Gone By

Or 'How to Tailor Using Paper . . . .'

Last week I had to fly to Edmonton for work - it is a short flight and after arriving I saw this display:

Yep.  It is a tailored man's cutaway coat - what is so special about that?  Well, if you take a look closely you will see that it is actually made out of pages from a diary.

Wow.  Just wow!  The details and stitching is quite amazing. 

This is the title board - and I love the name of the piece.  I did a quick Google search, and other than Facebook, I could not see anything about this designer/creator.  I wonder if it was part of a student project and if he made it himself.  It really was a nice surprise to see this - who doesn't like an unexpected piece of sewing in their daily life?!


  1. Wow that coat is amazing! I'd have ripped half that paper before even finishing the pocket!

  2. How unique and impressive. The maker must have had such patience!


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