Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anything Armani Can Do . . .

I can do too!!

So, have you seen the recent Threads magazine - it is one of their specials, and I managed to track down a copy last weekend.

There are some pretty neat articles in here, and one that really caught my attention was about Armani and the construction of pants.  I have made quite a few pairs that I am really happy with - fit wise, but some of my fabric choices were a little lacking.  The fabric itself is not that bad, but it does not feel too good against my skin - once you start wearing lined pants, it is hard to go back!  It was not worth lining the pants as they are a medium/light weight polyester blend and I wanted to wear them throughout the Spring and possibly the summer . . . . and then I read this article:

Now why didn't I think of this?  Half lined pants it is then!  Armani likes to underline (attaching the lining to the main fabric and then treating it as one fabric piece) whereas I prefer my lining to hang free - I find it creates less bulk.  I have some Bemberg Ambiance squirreled away and once I have lined the two pairs of pants - they will be a dream to wear!  I also have two pieces of some very lightweight wool fabric that is in Spring/Summer colours - now I can make them up and know that they will feel good too!

This article also caught my attention - I think that there will be some lovely lingerie in my sewing future!

How about you - are you prepared to altered a 'so-so' garment in order to make it wearable, or would you rather toss it and start afresh?


  1. Start afresh - a so-so garment still has it's uses and won't last forever in any case. They are the garments I tend to wear to death because I am not scared of "ruining my good clothes".

  2. I agree with Sarah Liz. It's strange how I keep reaching for the things I like the least and save the nicest ones so they won't get worn out.

  3. I am with Sarahliz and Kathy.. I would start a fresh. I hate picking out things and remaking..eeeeh.. as Sarahliz said, the so-so garments will still be wearable for some things... and then you will have brand new,nice lined pants too..
    Can't wait to see what you do? which ever it is, I know you will make some lovely ones.Happy sewing.

  4. I'm missing you, everything okay? Just taking a break?


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