Monday, May 21, 2012

Dinosaur Ribs

Woo Hoo!  I have just complete a test knit for Mary the Hobbit it is a lovely twisty, ribby design. My sister in law lives in Drumheller - the home of Dinosaurs in Alberta - hence the project name!

I am using some very soft alpaca yarn that will keep Sharon’s tootsies lovely and warm in the winter.

Very cute pattern - and I love the socks :o) The pattern is written with a full chart for each of the front and back of the sock as well as the top of the foot so was very easy to follow. I like that the designer has you knit TBL on the first row of knitting after picking up the heel flap stitches as this really tightens up that area and gives the heel flap a lovely finish.

I only made one change to the pattern and knit a smooth toe - I noticed that one of the other testers had done that, and it is my preference. I missed the line of ‘ribulets’ that run along the foot - totally my fault for not paying attention.

I love that the pattern is ribbed - it is very stretchy and suitable for quite ‘cuddly’ and slim legs alike. I knit the medium size and twist/cable design did not suck in the fabric. I used my usual cast on 63sts (I am usually in the range of 62-66sts) and my devoted, hardworking 2.5mm Knit Picks 32” circular needles - I knit TAAT.

The foot length is 9.5” long and I am pleased with the yarn usage - you could get away using one of those lovely yarns that has a scant yardage and still get a gorgeous pair of socks.

The sock is a quick knit - although they took me longer to knit than usual as I seem to lose my mojo in the spring as I am itching to get out in the garden! This is certainly not due to the pattern design!
A great pattern and well worth using to add to your sock collection!

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