Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost an Angel

Hubby's birthday is fast approaching (June 19th) and each year it seems to be waaaaay in the future, then all of a sudden it is tomorrow.  Somehow I remembered a few weeks early this year and that meant that I was able to order him a lovely present.

Whilst trawling through Etsy I came across the shop of Almost an Angel and her lovely prints - in particular, the greyhounds.  Now we are greyhound freaks.  When we came over to Canada we brought with us our lovely Freddy (Corelish Lisa).  She used to race at Perry Barr in Birmingham.  Unfortunately she left us in March 2009 at the age of 12 - and this print reminded me of her:

We then adopted (or do they adopt you I wonder?) two boys.  First of all we got Rocky (Am Rocky) from SAGAA, our local greyhound adoption group.  Rocky (aka Rockstar, Rocky Horror etc) is our first male hound - we have always had bitches before, but he is a sweetheart.  He ran at the Flagler Stadium in Miami - and I use the word in the loosest sense of the word.  You see Rocky really doesn't have the smarts.  He is a cute looking boy, but chase something round a track - that is not his style . . . . . . so he now lives with us.  He eats, sleeps and drinks.  Sounds like a great life to me!  And as it happens - the Rockstar and I were born on the same day - October 9th (same as John Lennon in fact!)  This print is a typical Rocky pose.

And then Hobbes (AH's Angelo) came into our life.  He was also off the same tracks as Rocky.  If you check out his stats he was quite the racer, winning quite a few races.  You can even see some of his races as they were recorded.  He is the black streak coming up from behind - amazing to see him run.  Now he is quite the 'ninja' dog.  He almost seems to retract his nails and then sneak across the kitchen floor to pinch food off counters/tables/plates etc.  But we love him so - and here is his likeness.


I am sure that hubby will be thrilled with these prints and look forward to gifting them to him next month.

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