Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ka'ana Delight

I was lucky enough to be chosen to take part in another test knit - this time for a shawl by Jennifer Weissman - it is a free pattern that can be downloaded on Ravelry.  I have tried a number of styles including the side to side triangle and the top down triangle, but this was a little different. 

Although a top down triangle, there are more increase per row - for a usual right angle triangle there are usually 4 increases every other row, but this pattern increases by 6 stitches each row, meaning that the triangle is long and shallow.

And it is HUGE! I used up every.single.inch. of three 50gm skeins of yarn, and 2 x 9gm containers of Toho 6/0 “E” beads in a shimmery green color.

Before Blocking:
Depth at widest part - 12.5”
Depth at thinnest part (ends) - 5”
Inside (neck) measurement - 69.5”

After Blocking:
Depth at widest part - 19”
Depth at thinnest part (ends) - 6”
Inside (neck) measurement - 80”
Outside measurement - 134”

So, notes about the pattern - this is a great pattern, the garter stitch increases are nice and easy - great TV or car knitting. Initially I found that I my edges were tight, so on the advice of the designer I frogged back and on the first stitch of each row I knit it, placed it back on the left needle and knit it again. Perfect!

The lace portion involved more concentration, but was very quick to knit despite the amount of stitches. I added beads on the ‘stem’ of the leaves, as well as in the in the bottom triangles.
This pattern is a great introduction to shawl knitters who fancy trying a bit of lace, but don’t want a standard triangle shawl. The side edges of the knitting form the top edge and it curves nicely. It is an easy to follow pattern, I used the charts, and they are nice and clear.

So go on - give it a try, it really is a lovely pattern!

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