Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Holly and a Tartan Cara

Tina Givens has been really upping her game recently and releasing a lot of patterns.  So what is a girl to do?  Yep, how did you guess?  I bought some!

Here is the Holly tunic that comes with some slim leg pants too.  I used a linen mix fabric from last year that had a bit of a pattern to it.  The only change I made was to shorten the sleeves so that they were similar to the Violet that I have previously written about.

I'm wearing a plain slip underneath.  I think it is a Jaqueline but with a symmetrical hem.   On it's own, the tunic is a little short at the front for my liking, and would show off a little too much of the dropped crotch pants, so the slip works really well - although it is all surprisingly warm!

As you can see, the gathered sides add a lot of fabric!  It is rather cute though!

You can see the gathers here as well.  They are a nice addition, but probably not too forgiving if you are pear shaped.

I thought it went rather well with one of my home made necklaces, using a string of beads that were my Mums.

I thought I'd do my take on jeans and a plaid shirt with the lovely Cara . . . .

It was a bit breezy, as you can see, so I got some inside pics as well.

Now I know you are looking at this and thinking 'why didn't she match up the plaid?'  Well, there is a story behind that.  Along the lines of cutting out the back bodice on the fold and the front bodice with a seam allowance.  After a few swear words, and the fabric having a time out, I cut a bias panel to cover the front seam and left it at that!  Bah!  This is a lovely, soft, brushed cotton and I love it . . . except that the fabric clings to my jeans a bit.  Oh well.

You can see the triple zigzag on the neckline and arms, attaching the foldover bias biding.  My favourite, non-bulky way of finishing off the raw edges.

And the mismatched back pieces . . . . . but with a cute patch :)  Oh well, it will still get a lot of wear!

Well, I think that is me all caught up.  I've got more socks on the go, and planning what to make next.  This Lagenlook/Tina Givens fix is actually becoming a bit of an obsession and pushing the other styles out of my wardrobe.  Who'd-a-thought?!

What is your style?  Does it change?


  1. Love the brown print fabric & your necklace looks great with it. It's nice you've found a style that works for you.

  2. I have been obsessed with Tina Givens patterns & clothes for 2 years! I love seeing someone elses clothes from her patterns. Thanks!

  3. You've discovered a style that's your own, you feel comfortable in and what'e even better - you can sew yourself - win win. I am gently moving towards relaxed fit so keep up the inspiration

  4. Love your Holly & Cara. You inspire me!

  5. I love your TG makes! The side gathers on the first one are adorable, and the plaid is so fresh. Wonderful!


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