Sunday, May 29, 2016

Heritage Park 2016 Festival of Quilts

The weather was gorgeous this weekend so I took myself off to the Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park today.  There were over 600 quilts displayed around the park, some in huge tents, some hanging from the balconies of the historic hotel, and some draped over fences.  It really was spectacular - and such a great variety.

Here are a few that particularly enjoyed:

Thi reminds me of silver birch tree trunks.  A great way to use up scraps.

This was my father's favourite.  It is called 'Whirling Dervishes' and is paper pieced.  It is only now, looking at the photo, that I can see how detailed this is - there is even some shading in the clothes!

It looks as though this has been made from a couple of charm packs, and a couple of packs may have fallen into my bag in the vendors tent!!  I love rainbow patterns . . . . . .

The bargello quilt above is made from just two fabrics, with the main one being gradient dyed.

The quilt above and below is made up of tiny houses about 3" square.  In some of the windows there are little faces peeking out.  Very cute!

The teeny tiny square on the quilt above are about .75".  At first they looked to be random squares, but you can see a rather subtle pattern.  Such detailed and time consuming work.

The pixilated quilt above reminds me of 'Starry Night'.  Again, lovely colours.

I love houses on quilts.  Just saying!!

Very calming colours - blues and greens.

Stunning.  Just stunning!  I didn't get close to the lions head, but from a slight distance it looked stunning.

And finally, hearts.  This was actually on display next to one of the vendor tills and each square is made of three layers - either a base layer with two hearts on or a base layer with two windows.  I think this would work really well as labels on my clothes.

Well, lots of ideas and thoughts.  Some that would relate to dressmaking, some to quilting - I tend to err on the side of smaller table runners or wall hangings, or maybe a mug rug or two.  Can't wait to start!

And as a last note - but certainly not an afterthought, I was approached by a lovely lady who recognised me from my blog.  I am sorry to say that I was so blown away that I did not ask her name, but thank-you lovely lady, you made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

What inspiration has caught your eye recently?

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  1. What a fun way to spend the day. And good ideas - I really like the hearts (so boho) and the first houses quilt. Thks for sharing!


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