Friday, January 10, 2014

Skull & Crossbones - Chrome Cover

My lovely sister-in-law Sharon recently bought a Samsung Chrome, and as a Christmas gift I made her a padded sleeve to help protect it from scuffs.  Needless to say, it was made just before Christmas, wrapped and put under the tree and I did not get a photo.  Sharon was thrilled!  Just after Christmas, Mr. SDSC also bought the same computer, and he requested a sleeve as well - and this time I took photos!

I used two fat quarters and quilted some batting to the outer fabric using straight line stitching about 1" apart.

I attached a black elastic hair tie in between the two fabrics to act as the loop to close the sleeve (see above) and stitched one of my labels on the bag - just so Mr. SDSC knew where it came from!  Now, don't look too closely at the stitching, it looks as though my straight line stitching was not very straight!!  The button is a standard self covered button - unfortunately this sleeve used up practically all of the fat quarters as I would have liked to have covered the button in one of those two fabrics.

The fold over flap added another 4" to the length of the sleeve - I wanted to keep this an easy project!

Ta da!  One happy Mr. SDSC and one protected computer!


  1. Fantastic! that fabric is so cute :)

  2. Great job! and so useful. I love the fact you make multiples of patterns you like (the tops, the fabulously-fitting trousers....), as I too am partial to making multiples using a TNT - especially sleeveless tops!


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