Thursday, October 31, 2013

Confessions of a Nincompoop - or a Simple Project by a Simple Sewist

There are times when quite frankly, the only appropriate response is a 'self head slap', or 'le sigh' from someone else. And this was one of those occasions. Now I should say that violence is certainly not the answer, but sometimes, I despair. Let me take you back, about a year ago . . . . (cue whoozy music and squiggly lines) . . . .

Like many people, there are certain items that I like to wash in a mesh lingerie bag to protect said items when in the washing machine. As well as the usual underwears that need a little bag to protect them in the wash, I also knit socks, small shawls and gloves that to be washed carefully:

And dye my own yarn, which needs a good wash after dyeing:

And that means that I really could do with a larger/second laundry bag.  Easy peasy I hear you shout.  Just stop off in the laundry section of your local supermarket, and pick one up.  Cheap as chips.  Problems solved!  Well, sort of. When I got home and opened the bag, this is what I had purchased:

It is huge (over one metre of mesh fabric).  And has no zips - just a drawstring at the top.  I know, I know, the details were all on the packaging - but seriously, who knew lingerie bags came in different sizes??  So, not what I wanted at all.  As a result, it sat in the laundry room for over a year whilst I decided what to do (yep, I know, you are way ahead of me here, just give me a chance to catch up).  And then I decided (get ready to shake your head in disbelief at this) to go and buy some white. mesh. fabric. to make my own lingerie bags.  There are times when I really wonder about my sanity.  I'VE GOT A METRE OF MESH IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM.

Well, I got there eventually, and this is what I made:

I made four bags out of that one large bag, all zippered up, and it took less than time than, well, not much time at all!  I took these photos on my cutting mat which is the size of a fat quarter, so I have one quite large one - half the size of the original, one half that size (so a quarter size of the original) and two halved again (one eighth the size of the original).  I am thrilled at this 're-purposing', and cannot believe how long it took for the thought to perculate :)

And here is my ratty 'one and only' bag that I have been using for years (on the right) next to one of the smallest ones that I have just made (on the left).  Incidentally, I tend to also wash zippers (with cotton side bits), some trims, petersham etc., etc., so I know that these bags will get a good workout!

What about you?  What is your 'doh! sewing moment'?


  1. What a great idea and I love your knitted items!

  2. What a great mistake...You ended up with 4 nice bags,by getting the big one. Yea!!1
    Your yarn and socks are beautiful..

  3. Great use of your mistake. Love your yarn and your socks.

  4. I never thought to use a mesh bag, this might be a good idea for stockings lol!


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