Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Comfortable Dressing

I love to read blogs and see the fabulous clothing that my peers are creating.  There really are some talented people out there, making the most gorgeous clothing.  I then (order the patterns and) wonder whether some of these designs would suit my lifestyle and comfort level.  Because I am all about comfort.  So having recently made a semi fitted dress, and a cute houndstooth skirt, I thought that I would make one of my rayon jersey skirts, and pull on tops.  The fabric is from fabric.com and I like the sweater weight (65% rayon) as it washes and wears really well.

The skirt is based on Simplicity 4221 (it is out of print, but it is a simple 4 gore skirt with an elasticated waistband), and the top is based upon Kwik Sew 3752.  Firstly, I have a patterned skirt and a plain top:

Ha!  I just wanted to show the sleeves.  As wide as they are, they are a fraction of the size on the ones on the original pattern!  I also rather like a polo/turtle neck rather than a round neck.  I find that it keeps the neckline shape much better, and it is very snuggly!

I then made another top, exactly the same pattern, but out of the same fabric.  It makes a great two piece dress that I feel very comfortable in:


So there you have it - some great separates that I can wear to work and also feel comfortable in!

The question now is - what to make next?  As the weather is now beginning to turn here in Alberta, I think I may may a fleece cape from Burda . . . . if not, it will be something else!

Happy Sewing :)


  1. Comfortable is always a good thing especially when it also looks so good :)

  2. Great separates that you will get lots of wear from. They are comfortable and look good, a winning combination.

  3. Both tops looks very nice with that skirt! I'm hoping you make the fleece cape next!!!!! I have fleece (red and black bandana print) to make one too...and a couple different patterns...not sure which one I'll make yet.

    1. Thanks! Getting pretty close to making the cape - I managed to pick up some matching serger thread this week . . . . .

  4. wow! I love it! the pic of you pulling the neck over your head is priceless lol! OOP patterns are always best, there's a lot I wished I hadn't tossed years ago

    1. Thank-you! I wanted to show how big/long the cowl is . . . . and always useful if I ever need to act like an ostrich and hide my head!!

  5. What a pretty set you made.. I love that you made the solid and the print top..so you can interchange them.. Great idea.. and Love when we make comfortable clothes..
    Happy sewing.


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