Monday, September 9, 2013

Pillowcase Madness

OK,I admit it.  I can be a bit obsessive.  And once I start on something . . . I just can't stop.  Well, that is what has happened with pillowcases.  Here are my most recent makes:


I have a matching set of four here, and they will probably be auctioned off in support of Galgos del Sol, a charity in Spain that rescues the gorgeous Galgos dogs that are so badly treated and get abandoned on the streets.

And then I went Crazy!!

First up are pillowcases made from some leftover Laurel Burch fabric - I love her bright, saturated colors.

The above two photos are of some more Christmas fabrics from both mine and my Mum's collections.  These will hopefully end up at the Children's Hospital in Calgary - I plan on contacting them on my return from my holidays in Australia (what, I didn't tell you I was going to Australia?!!)

The two photos above are of a gorgeous mermaid fabric I bought from Fabricland, and matched it up with some batik that I had in my collection.  I made them for the two young daughters of friends.  They really are too cute for words (both the pillowcases as well as the recipients - Charlotte and Libby)

And these have ended up on our bed - they are a little loud, but I wanted to try them out for size as we have a king size bed and so the measurements are slightly different.  I am very pleased with these, and will be making some more (surprise!!!)

How about you - do you get obsessed with your sewing?


  1. Very nice - love your fabric choices.

  2. I am so very happy. So much happiness being spread through a pillowcase. Talk about a project continuing to grow and move forward. Incredible.

  3. I love pretty pillowcases & once I started I couldn't stop lol!you can never have enough pillowcases, pretty pillowcases just make you feel betetr when you have to take to the couch lol!


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