Saturday, September 14, 2013

Box Bags

I love bags - handbags, shopping bags, wash bags - they all hold some inexplicable excitement for me, so I thought that I would make up a couple for my travels.  I find them so useful - they hold my knitting (I am a sockoholic), wash kit, electronics etc., etc.,!

First up I thought that I would use one of the fat 1/4's that I received from the lovely Phillipa of Gloria & Me as part of the Spring Swap this year.  I couldn't resist this gorgeous seaside fabric:

And this is what it became!  

A lovely little 'box bag' with iron-on batting for structure, 

And fully lined in a great, co-ordinating Amy Bulter fabric.

As you can see I bound the inside seams - I have seen (and made) some of these bags with overlocked/serged seams, and that seems such a shame - if you are going to line the bag - let's make it look good inside too!

And then I made another one.  From some more Amy Butler fabric

Love it!

I showed these to Mr. SDSC and he laughed.  Somewhat perturbed, I asked him what the problem was, and he said that he found it funny (and endearing) that I never make just one item - I make multiple versions of the same items.  Now then, let's think . . . . Sorbettos, 4-gore skirts, Singer Shapely Blouses.  OK, he may have a point!!  Oh, and I have since made another 4 of these cute bags - two I have given away, and two more are tucked away in my suitcase . . . . .

How about you - are you a 'multiple maker'?


  1. I love the sailboat print! These bags are so fun. It is kind of funny that you never make just one.

  2. What a fabulous use of fabric! Both bags look perfect and I am sure they will see a lot of use. I make successful patterns over and over again, but not usually at the same time! I am planning some wash bags for gifts though, and anticipate making a little flock of those ;) Have a great trip!

  3. Great looking little bags. What fun!

  4. No, I am not a multiple maker - I do admire you for making multiples. I prefer the challenge of the new.

  5. I love these! I made a bunch of mesh zipper bags that I use for lingerie washing bags at home and packing cubes while traveling, but these are way cuter for packing cubes. I'll have to think about that. Your trip sounds so awesome!


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