Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sweet Dreams . . . .

The lovely Rhonda has been blogging for some time about sewing pillowcases for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital, and says:

. . . . They have a very interesting charity, pillowcases for the children who come to the hospital. The hospital gives out over 900 pillowcases every month. The children are allowed to choose their pillowcase from those that are donated. This was the sponsored charity event of the Sewing and Stitchery Expo held in Puyallup, WA this year. They have found that the pillowcases bring so much comfort to the children. . . . .

Rhonda thought (quite rightly) that this would be a fabulous project to be involved in, and is co-ordinating the collection and disbursal of 900 pillowcases - one month's supply.  As of today's date, she has received 260 pillowcases.  Wow! That equates to 260 comforted children.  So I have decided to play . . . .

Although I do not sew that much 'non-clothing', I do have a rather impressive amount of quilting fabric passed down from my Mum.  There is more than I would ever use with my projects, and I thought that this would be a great use of the fabric - and I know my Mum would approve!  Last weekend I cut out some fabric and got sewing . . . . 

As you can see from the picture below, I used slightly different instructions than those that Rhonda has suggested, (I got a bit confused, did a Google search, and used this great tutorial).  What I particularly liked was that there are no raw seams - they are all hidden! 

These pretty flowery pillowcases were the first ones I made.

And then I hit Mum's Christmas fabric.  What I like about this project is that three metres of fabric makes three pillowcases.  Out of each metre you cut one main piece, one accent piece and one trim piece, mix them all up and you have three 'co-ordinating but slightly different' pillowcases.

It is interesting to see how the patterns and colors play out against each other :)

And here is my little stack!

Sew, 10 pillowcases that will be on their way to Rhonda, and I hope that means 10 children whose hospital visit is made a little easier.

If you fancy taking part - drop on over to Rhonda's blog, and get sewing!!

ETA:  You can see Rhonda's post about my pillowcases here!


  1. What a great idea - thanks for the reminder. Pillowcases are such an easy thing to make and brighten someone's day. I sent some to a soldier a few years back. It's a win/win, isn't it? g

    ps - your pile o' cases is lovely!

  2. What a lovely collection of pillowcases to comfort children. I made our grandson a pair as a gift and he loves them. His have John Deere tractors on them.

  3. Fun! I get a sneak peak before they arrive :) I love vintage Christmas fabrics and the pillowcases you made are just delightful. This is truly a gift from you AND your mom!! Thank you. I can't wait to see your package in the mail!!

  4. What a great idea! Those floral ones appeal to the vintage lover in me.

  5. What a wonderful use of your mom's fabric! These will definitely brighten a child's day.

  6. That is such a terrific use for those lovely prints you inherited from your mother. Such a generous and selfless gesture, and they are sure to cheer up the kiddies :)


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