Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chartreuse Sorbetto Dress

Following on from the success of my Pointer Sisters Dress, I decided to make another, this time with sleeves, some embellishment and in a solid color.

Here is my 'teaser' pic!

And here are a few photos!  I know it does not look like it, but I had showered and brushed my hair . . . . . but onto the dress!  I used a very lightweight crepe and a charcoal Bemberg lining.  I bound the neckline with some black cotton/lycra home made biased binding.  I did not insert a zipper as I was able to pull the dress on over my head without any issues (perhaps that is why I am having hair issues?!)

The pattern was very simple.  I used my Simplicity 7740 dress pattern and 'Sorbetto'd' it!  I sewed the black ric-rac down either side of front pleat (I copies this idea from someone - if it is you please let me know so that I can give you credit), holding it in place and added three buttons to the front.

It would appear that due to the lightness of the fabric, I could have made a few more tucks in the back to enable it to sit better, however, when I am actually wearing it, that excess does get used as I move about.  Despite this excess, I still like the shaping that it gives.  There is not so much shaping at the front, and Mr. SDSC tried very diplomatically to tell me that it was not his favorite because of (a) the color) and (b) the shaping - he said it looked sack like.  I am a little disappointed that he does not like it, but appreciate the feedback.  He preferred some separates that we also photographed during this session.

So, where to go from here?  I have to say that I love this dress, and will most likely wear it to work with a little black cardi that I have made (oops, forgot to take a photo of that!)  That will also take care of the spare fabric round the back!!  I have pinned a lot of inspirational dress photos on Pinterest and have bought some fabrics to try out some of the color blocking.  Maybe by introducing some shaping with color, I may gain some positive feedback from Mr. SDSC!

In the meantime, I need to work on a collection for my Antipodean Adventure in September.  Yep, I am lucky enough to be going to Australia for a month, and want to make some clothes to take with me.  Whadaya mean 'it's only two months away'????  Well, if I get some clothes made, all well and good.  And if I don't - I'll just have to use what I already have in the wardrobe!


  1. I absolutely love your dress [and the color too, it looks great with the black trimming].
    I think the green is a girl color.. my hubby just told me the same thing about a pair of pants that I am working on.. His sweet response was," Why are you doing them in that ole green color?"hahaha
    Congrats on going to Australia for a month..
    Happy sewing.

  2. I love this dress! This green is a great color.

  3. I agree men do not seem to like green at all (and beige not much either!) but I think it is a sophisticated colour and a black cardi would tie it all together x

  4. Lovely - very nice with trim.

  5. If you wear it to work, you can enjoy it without someone telling you it looks like a sack! It does look smart, great for work, i.m.o.

  6. visiting you again via sew darn crafty. Great colour, great dress and such a good fit with the darts etc at the back


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