Friday, June 28, 2013

Spring Sewing Swap - 2013

I can't resist a swap - purchasing/making/selecting goodies for someone who, like you, just loves to sew as much as you do.  It is waaaay to much fun!  So when Kerry of Kestral Makes announced a Spring Swap - I was all over like a rash.  Yes indeedy!  The lovely Philippa of Gloria & Me was selected to be my swap partner, and I couldn't have been more thrilled!  My parcel of goodies arrived earlier this week, but due to the terrible flooding we have had in Southern Alberta (I wasn't directly affected other than being advised by our fantastic Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, that downtown Calgary was closed for the best part of a week so no driving into the office!) I didn't pick it up until yesterday.

So without further ado, here are the fabulous goodies that I received:

 A quick peek inside that lovely sparkly bag . . . . I see beads, fabric, chocolate . . . .

Magazines, thread, beading wire, lavender . . . . .

Just look!  I am so excited about this magazine. I have seen it on the newstands, but UK magazines are exorbitantly priced over here, so this is a real treat!

The fabric is so cute - I love seasidey things, so I will have fun playing with this gorgeous fabric.  Philippa also included matching thread (oh, she is gooood!) as well as a plain co-ordinating fabric.

And did you see how everything was color co-ordinated. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Oh, and the chocolate?  Well, it is my favorite and I can't get it here in Canada.  Mmmmmmmmm :)

Love it.  Love it all.  Thank-you Kerry for organizing this fabulous swap, and thank-you Philippa for your thoughtful, fantastic gifts xx

And what did Philippa receive?  Well, I know she has received the parcel, so as soon as she puts up the post, I will link to it from here.


  1. What a super sewing swap you have received in this sparkly bag - the fun of being a sewer...wonder what you will create with this fabric...J

  2. Lovely, glad you got some of your favourite things in your parcel :-)

  3. What a wonderful package of goodies!

  4. that is a fantastic swap! lots of great goodies! have fun creating something with your new fabric!

  5. I am so glad you liked my picks! & I am going to get my post up this week, I promise :) This is the first swap I have ever done, and I really enjoyed it. Not only have I had the pleasure of giving and receiving, I have gained a new blog to follow (and written by a fellow dog lover to boot!). Consider me your new source of UK chocolate, let me know if you get too desperate!! X


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