Sunday, June 2, 2013

Plus Pattern Pyramid - Winner!

Drum Roll Please!

Oh, I'm going to make you wait just a little longer!  Let me tell you what I chose and what I am contributing.  Firstly, these two patterns are staying home with me:

I absolutely love these two Vogue patterns - I don't even recall seeing them in the patterns books, but here they are!  In fact, I swapped Vogue for Vogue!  I love slouchy cardigans and V8659 really fits the bill.  It has some princess seaming for some subtle shaping and easy, lazy dolman sleeves.  It is a winner all round for me!  At the other end of the scale, I need to make some more jackets, and V8623 looks just perfect.  I find that the large collars really work at framing my face - I know that for some people it works and others it doesn't, fortunately it works for me!

I nearly chose the bias tops as well - such a great pattern, but I think that two patterns will suit me well.

I am contributing these two Vogue patterns:

They both are very cute - who doesn't want some frilly undies and the draped front tops are smart in a casual kind of way.  I hope that they find a good home!

So, who gets to choose?

Congratulations to Laura of Sew Miss Oz - please send me an email with your details and I will get the pyramid mailed off to your this week.  Please drop over to her blog to say hello and get involved in the next leg!

I have to say that I really enjoyed this whole process - it is true what they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure (although I feel really bad equating sewing patterns to junk, but you get my drift!)


  1. Nice patterns you have chosen. Looking forward to seeing them made up.

  2. Oh I love the patterns you chose! Congratulations to Laura and I hope she has as much fun with the patterns as we did :)


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