Sunday, August 5, 2012

Six of One + One

So here they are.  The skirts that I made from some lovely summer cottons that I inherited from my Mum.  I used Simplicity 4221 for 4 skirts:

The skirt is actually a 4 panel skirt with side, and centre front and back seams.  I finished mine so that the panels were offset - there was a full panel across the front and back, and one on each side.  I lined all of the skirts here with 100% cotton muslin in white with lace attached to the hem and some printed ribbon at centre back waist so I know which way to wear them!

So let's take a look at the skirts!  Actually, this first skirt is from some quilting cotton from Wal-Mart.  I love the acid green and turquoise.

 A lovely soft cotton (/poly mix?)

Possibly my favorite color combo - green and lilac.

A great, cheery summer combo - orange/peach.

This was possibly the most favorite fabric of all - very dainty - it reminds me of long, hot British country summers wearing gorgeous flowing Laura Ashley dresses.  Yep, that's what this fabric reminds me of!  Unfortunately, the yardage was very skant and I had to use a different pattern.  This Simplicity 2977 design was perfect . . . . but the skirt itself was rather short so I added a wide lace hem to the underskirt and and narrow lace to the hem of the outer skirt.  This is a lovely 'flippy' 6-gore skirt, and is fun to wear. 

This skirt is a bias two piece made from Butterick 4466.  I cut the size a little small - when I sit down it moves all over the place and is rather short for my taste.  I would certainly make it again but a little wider and longer.  There is something special about how a bias cut garment hangs.

This is possibly my favorite pattern, Kwik Sew 3256.  I used view B.  Quite frankly I am hooked on the 80's fashion wise - not totally, be sure to check out an upcoming post where I tell you all about it!  Anyhoooo, back to this post . . . . I cut out a size that was too large.  I used 2x and will remake it using 1x.  I find that the way the skirt flips as you walk along is rather intoxicating, and I am planning in making this again as part of a planned wardrobe, suit skirt.  Very cute.

I have cheated a little as far as tops are concerned, and have purchased some dainty very tops and cardigans to mix and match with the skirts.  I foresee many happy summer days wearing these outfits. 

All in all, I am really pleased with these garments, there is nothing really special about them other than the fact that they have given me my 'sew' back.  I am brimming with ideas, and excited to be planning, cutting and sewing again!  

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