Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aspen Crossing

A couple of weeks ago we went to Aspen Crossing for a meal in a railway carriage.  Really.  It is an old dining car once used by John George Diefenbaker, the 13th Prime Minister of Canada.  And a rather nice time was had by all . . . . .

The meal was quite simple - but nonetheless, very much enjoyed.  A buffet cooked breakfast.  Yum!!  Afterwards we went for a walk around the grounds.  There is a small garden center and a replica railway station that acts as the gift shop.

Some of the flower displays were quite amazing as you can see!

And this was just fabulous.  Who would have thought of doing this with an old car?  Very clever - there were even a couple of bullet holes in the car.  Maybe one day if we have a bigger garden . . . . !

On the way back we stopped off at a couple of location where there were some old, derelict buildings.  I plan to print a calendar to give as gifts to family, that contain photos taken throughout the year.  It is quite reasonable to have them printed out at places like Staples, and I am sure one or two of these photos will be featured.

And we keep seeing these canola/rape fields, and they remind us of the Microsoft wallpaper :o)

Looking back at these photos really reminds us of what a gorgeous summer we are having this year.  Perfect!

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