Tuesday, January 17, 2017

TG 12 Days

Further to Dawn's request to see the '12 Days of Christmas' that was posted on Facebook - here you go!  I copied and pasted text from FB and I think the font etc is different to what I usually use, but I think this works:

Day 1: grey jersey cardi (Simplicity 2154), grey linen sleeveless top (Seamingly Smitten Draped Tank. This is a bit like the KL Pinwheel Slips), tartan undershirt (started with Kwik Sew 2766 and added a skirt) and jeans 'Tina Givens style' (Oprah).

Ok, I'm cheating a little here as I have been in my PJ's all day tracing patterns and cutting out! Here is a pic from October, and is one of my favourite combos - McCalls 6168 cardi (cotton/Lycra mix), TG Jacqueline slip (muddy linen/rayon mix. Due to complete laziness this has been cut out symmetrically with the two points at the sides being equal), and grey Peg Leg leggings (cotton/Lycra fabric). All worn with black ankle (ish) boots and a bright, cheery scarf.

So, its a bit windy outside - but here you go on Day 3: more TG Oprah jeans, another McCalls cardi (I have a few of these!), an undershirt I made last night with a printed plaid cotton skirt, scarf from Gap, gardening shoes. 

Day 4: This is what I wore to go fabric shopping today (picked up some lovely denim for 70% off - it is currently in the washing machine . . . . . ) Simplicity 2154 Cardigan in purple cotton jersey, black (sleeveless) Holly tunic (this may be my new favourite!), undershirt with silver/grey lace (and an organza ribbon trim to stop it fraying!), black TG Oprah jeans. Worn with black boots. Also grey/black scarf from GAP and a 'me-made' TG inspired necklace - leather strap with freshwater pearls. I had to overexpose the photos so you can see the details.

Another PJ day, so here is a favourite outfit. The cardi is off the same McCalls pattern used previously but a different view, TG Jacqueline slip in cream linen, TG Patricia skirt (with elasticated hem) in check fabric. black pull-on boots.

Day 6: Playing dress up as I will be at my sewing machine all day today! New TG Oprah jeans with a flower patch, undershirt with animal print stretch lace on the hem, draped top with black wool trim (fabric was only 45" wide!), scarf and glass pearls necklace. I'll wear this with a black or grey cardi.

Day 7: and it has just started snowing again. Black McCalls cotton jersey cardi, black/white top, cream & lace undershirt (made from a jersey bedsheet that doesn't fit the bed😉), TG Oprah jeans, gardening clogs (usually would wear black boots!)

Day 8: and still it snows . . . ! Who am I kidding? I love the snow! So for New Years Day I present to you TG Jeans (rolled up to show my hand knit socks), black linen Briare with a ruffle down the front, brick red cotton/Lycra McCalls cardi, rayon jersey Infiniti scarf. 

Day 9: brown linen Cara, Oprah jeans, Simplicity 2154 cardi, necklace made from some of my Mums beads.

Day 10: Back to work today, so bathroom selfie I'm afraid! Grey McCalls cardi, blue TG Jacqueline tunic (cut symmetrically with the longer sides), TG Oprah jeans, black boots, me made lapis lazuli necklace and cheery scarf!

Day 11: washroom selfie 😀 TG Oprah jeans (I know I sound like a one trick pony, but I do have a few pairs - and these ones have a cute patch on the back!), black linen Cara with ruffles down the front, purple cotton/jersey cardi (Simplicity 2154), black boots, me made necklace.

And day 12 is here.

Phew, that was a bit of work to get all of these photographed and posted on FB, but it was rather fun!


  1. Thanks so much for posting these here! I really enjoyed seeing the outfits. I've always liked your necklaces you make. I loved seeing them with the whole outfit. They look great with scarves. OK, I need to check out those Oprah jeans.

    1. Thanks! I've been using leather for the necklaces, but picked up some cork recently so may trying playing with that. The Oprah's are great, and I find that going with a really lightweight denim works best, the type you'd use for a denim shirt. With a bit of stretch!

  2. All of your outfits are so pulled together and look great. I can see tho' why the plaid Patricia skirt one is your favourite. Those colours are especially flattering and you look so tall and elegant.

    1. Thanks. I think that I have finally found 'my' style and I am revelling in it!

  3. Wow, it's great to see so many of your ensembles in a row. And everything looks different and put together well, yet there's a style running through that says "you." Very cool.

    1. Thank you. And comfy too - but don't let on!

  4. Thanks for making time to pull all these from Facebook to share with us! Excellent variety within a unified style. Truly a 'working wardrobe' and a perfect illustration that TG patterns can work in all kinds of fabrics and with non-TG favorite pieces. Thanks!

    1. You are welcome! It was a good challenge taking the photos for 12 days just to record what I actually wear. I was also able to identify gaps, so have a plan of action for my upcoming sewing!

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