Thursday, August 25, 2016

Adding to the Collection - a Singer 15-88

I've been a good girl for quite a while, and then for some reason I found myself taking a mooch at Kijiji, and what should I see - a handcrank Singer sewing machine.  This was actually my very first sewing machine that my parents bought me (a couple of years ago, honest, and for just GBP12).  Sadly I don't recall what happened to it, but seeing this one for sale made me think about it.  So I made a offer, and this lovely lady came home with me:

Cinders (I will be transforming her into the Princess that she truly wants to be!), is a 15-88 and was made in Prussia.  Her serial number is C3390349.  Unfortunately as the Russians invaded Prussia during WWII and cleared out the factory, there is no information on her exact age, but that is OK with me!

She is really grimy - I'm thinking that it may be nicotine (although it doesn't smell at all), and I'm slowly getting her cleaned.  She has a really smooth action, although I need to replace a wire guide on the tension control.  There is a bit of rust and some chrome missing on the hand-wheel, but once this is done, I'll be able to sit at the table and sew away whilst watching TV with Mr. SDSC.  I'm aiming for a sewing machine in every room - I don't think he has noticed yet!

Incidentally, this is a great site for help and instructions to overhaul handcranks and treadles.  It is from a UK site that refurbs machines for transport out to Africa.

I really love these old Singers, I use my Featherweight for doing buttonholes as it is much better than my Pfaff, and I have a couple of others that just are so lovely to look at - what fabulous stories they could no doubt tell.  Oh, and Cinders has a working reverse stitch.  A hand-crank with a reverse stitch!  The one on my Pfaff died years ago so it will be quite a treat being able to reverse!

So you have a soft spot for older machines>  Do share!

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  1. Oh, treacherous post...I am barely managing an urge to acquire old machines, learn to service them, use them! They're so lovely. As is yours.


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