Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pouches and Wallets

On of the reasons that I have not posted very much recently is that I had to get a new laptop.  I somehow managed to bend/break a connection inside where the power cable goes, so charging it up has beed very iffy.  I now have a lovely MacBook Air, and what a nightmare I have had with photos.  I used to use Picasa as it did the two or three things that I want from a photo editing programme - straighten, resize, and make collages.  I then uploaded these photos into my blog and all was good.

Unfortunately the MacBook does not play nice with Picasa - it duplicates photos, and I have no idea how to consistently upload them.  Grrr.  Oh well, I think I have it sorted now, but it is not at all intuitive . . . . . any top tips from other MacBook users would be appreciated! 

Now back to the normal programming . . . . .  Recently I have had quite a blast making pouches, wallets and handbags, so let me share with you!

First up are a couple of wallets and I bought the pattern from Etsy, here.

It is a quick and easy pattern, and very effective. The first one I made is the one on the top, made out of two Amy Butler FQ's. I used co-ordinating plastic snaps (Babyville from Fabricland) and I was slightly off centre with the print . . . . meh.  Can't get excited about that! 
The second one is made out of 2 FQ's by 3 Sisters for Moda and is called Atelier. I LOVE this fabric - and bought it from Hamel's at the recent Creative Stitches show. 
There are three pockets in the wallet - perfect for a few coins and/or cards. They are quite small, about 4.5" x 3.5" x 1.5", and are a quick and fun make. I think that would be perfect 'card holders' for gift cards this Christmas . . . . . just saying!

Next up was a Clobird Fiona folding wallet that currently resides in my handbag!  I got the pattern from Craftsy, and this is also made out of some Amy Butler FQ's.  The design is very clever, and uses some thick stabilizer that is added after stitching - it makes for a much easier sew, and looks very professional - well, I think so!!!

I am making another one for the mother of one of my work colleagues, it will be in black and red . . . . I wish I could use patterned fabric but I really don't want to argue with an elderly Scottish lady!  

And then I made another Swoon pattern - this time it was the Coraline - a fun little clutch, fully lined with a recessed zip:

I've not tried recessed zips before, and this was on a curve as well, so it was good to learn a new technique - I certainly need to practice more though, the zip was a little wavy!

Finally, I also have some dressmaking fabric on the table waiting to be cut out.  I see a Tina Givens 'Patricia' skirt in my near future, I've kind of lost my sewing clothing mojo, so making these cute wallets works out nicely for me!

What have you been sewing?  Is your Autumn sewing coming along well?


  1. I like your little wallets and pouches and if your print is off centre it isn't noticeable. I have just finished another Rachel Comey skirt this time with an elastic waist, but I haven't posted it yet. Need to take photos. I have a pile of patterns and fabric lined up but can't decide what to make or what I need. Perhaps I should make some purses too?

    1. You skirt sounds lovely - definitely post photos! And yes, make pouches! They are such fun and use up little fabric. Great for all those pretty fat quarters and left overs!

  2. Your wallets are lovely, I am tempted to make some but feel that I do not need any more hobbies...

    1. Thank-you! I look at it as an extension of my sewing hobby! And besides, they are so quick and easy to make! Go on, give it a try . . . . you know you want to!

  3. Hi! Just wanted to mention that you can get sewable foam from BraMakers Supply in Ontario.

  4. Thanks - I wasn't sure if that was the same weight/thickness, and it does rather put me in a quandary as I make bras as well (I have some foam from BMS) - bras or bags, bras or bags! Such hard choices to make!!

  5. Oh gosh I thought I had clicked through and commented on these! They are darling! I'm really loving what you are sewing these days between the super cute bags and the clothing - oh my, the clothing is incredible!! g


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