Monday, March 16, 2015

Vogue 8048 - The Mullet Version

Ah yes, mullets.  Before we go any further, I am not a fan of mullets as such, however the 'business up front, party in the back' does rather make me snigger.  And that takes me onto another waistcoat (vest) for the Old Folk (my father) - do you like the 'translate as you go' feature?!  You may remember that I made him a waistcoat at the end of 2014 - and he was thrilled with it.  My mother was a fabulously talented dressmaker, and I used some of her fabrics in the waistcoats and so that made it extra special.

For this version, I wanted something even more special, as this Friday the 'Old Folk' will become a Canadian Citizen.  Dad moved out here in 2010 after my Mum passed away unexpectedly and the time has now come for him to have his Citizenship ceremony.  It is a very exciting time and as you can imagine - quite moving.  Here you are, having chosen a different country to live in, and that country then deems you suitable to be a citizen.

But then, who couldn't love this country?

Anyhow, it seems appropriate that he has something special to wear. . . . . !  I quite forgotten about promising this, but Dad mentioned it a few days ago so I thought that I ought to jump to it, so this weekend I made him another waistcoat:

The outer fabric is a houndstooth from Mum's collection.  She would have bought it to make a pencil skirt.

Single welt pockets in the front. 

Fabric covered buttons.  The buttons are 5/8" and the buttonholes 13/16".  That extra space should make them easier to open and close.

With cream top stitching and edge-stitching.  All pretty staid right?  Until you take a look around the back and whoa!!!

Yes, you are quite right - Canadian flag fabric!

It is quilting fabric and has a great dense weave.  It is perfect!

Above is the inside, with the flag fabric on the inside fronts.

And lining (from Mum's collection again) on the back on the inside.  It should make it easier for Dad to take it on and off.

My label needed a bit of extra treatment to look appropriate on this special waistcoat - it looks a bit wonly here, but it was quite straight.  Honest!!

Last photo - this just shows you what it looks like if you open up the front.

I'm dropping this off tomorrow so Dad can plan the rest of his outfit, and I'll get some photos from the 'Canadian' on Friday after the ceremony!

I'm pleased with this - moreover, I know Dad will love it.  Having used some of Mum's fabrics, including 'Liverpool' red.  Not to mention that he gets quite tickled when something is made for him.

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. This is fabulous! I love you know he will be thrilled with it. Tell him congrats on his citizenship!

  2. What a lovely, loving daughter you are. I'm sure your Dad will be thrilled with his Canadian vest. My very best wishes for his citizenship ceremony.

  3. That. Is. Awesome, I hope he loves it and gets all the attention he deserves!

  4. That is marvelous. Cnogratulations to your dad on his citizenship. I love this country too and I am so lucky to have been born here.

  5. A fabulous vest with a pop of the flags makes it perfect for his day on becoming a Canadian citizen. Congrats to him. Canada is a beautiful country.

  6. That vest is awesome!!! Precious!!! Congrats to your dad!!!!

  7. Fabulous. What a lovely gift and a fun thing to wear for his ceremony.

  8. Fantastic... Your dad will be so pleased.. So nice of you.

  9. How lovely. Congrats to your dad xx

  10. Beautiful work, what a special garment!

  11. Dad will look every bit the English Gentleman on Friday sis, its awesome xx xxx

  12. This is just fantastic. The flag fabric surprise is priceless. Thanks for making me smile :)


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