Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fit for a Queen

The lovely Mrs Mole who blogs about the brides who come to visit her, over at Fit for a Queen, has recently featured my disaster with McCalls 6844, a pattern that seems to universally popular . . . . except with me.  She has a 'Sew Bad Saturday' feature - which she describes as:

'let the pattern makers see what happens when real people with real bodies try to re-create their visions on the front of the envelope. Get helpful comments and suggestions from other sewers thinking about venturing into purchasing your pattern choice…in other words…save them the trouble!'

Do take a look - it may save you some time and money!!  And if you have something to contribute - let her know, we are all in this together after all!

In the meantime, I've been making some more cute pouches that are being auctioned to raise money for Galgos del Sol:

I hope that they raise lots of money!


  1. So sorry about your cardi.. Hate when that happens..
    Cute pouches too.

  2. The cardi was quite a pain - but also it was quite grounding as well. I am usually pretty careful when I choose pattern (not so careful when I buy them, I have waaaaay too many!), and I thought that this one would work out well. Ho hum!

    And I love pouches. Whenever I have the urge to sew but don't know what to make - a couple of pouches it is then! You never know when they may come in useful. Mr SDSC thinks I have some kind of addiction - I don't think he is wrong :)


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